Exclusive! July is ‘Teen Titans Go!’ Variant Covers Month

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© Cartoon Network / DC Comics
© Cartoon Network / DC Comics

In recent months, DC Comics has been choosing monthly themes for the variant covers of their ongoing titles. As a parent to a six-year-old who regularly sings the “Waffles” song, I’m excited to announce the variant cover theme for select July books will be Teen Titans Go!

Here’s a list of all Teen Titans Go! themed issues for July 2015, and an exclusive reveal of three covers: Teen Titans #10 by Ben Caldwell, Gotham Academy #8 by Sean Galloway, and The Flash #42 by Jorge Corona.

Titans, GO!

Themed Variants – Teen Titans Go!

  • Action Comics #42 by Dan Hipp
  • Aquaman #42 by Craig Rousseau
  • Batman #42 by Dan Hipp
  • Batman/Superman #22 by Dan Hipp
  • Catwoman #42 by Ben Caldwell
  • Deathstroke #8 by Sean Galloway
  • Detective Comics #42 by Dan Hipp
  • Gotham Academy #8 by Sean Galloway
  • Gotham by Midnight #7 by Sean Galloway
  • Grayson #10 by Sean Galloway
  • Green Arrow #42 by Craig Rousseau
  • Green Lantern #42 by Jorge Corona
  • Harley Quinn #18 by Ben Caldwell
  • Justice League #42 by Dan Hipp
  • Justice League of America #2 by Craig Rousseau
  • New Suicide Squad #10 by Craig Rousseau
  • Secret Six #4 by Sean Galloway
  • Sinestro #13 by Jorge Corona
  • Superman #42 by Jorge Corona
  • Superman/Wonder Woman #19 by Sean Galloway
  • Teen Titans #10 by Ben Caldwell
  • The Flash #42 by Jorge Corona
  • Wonder Woman #42 Ben Caldwell
THE FLASH #42 by Jorge Corona © DC Comics
THE FLASH #42 by Jorge Corona © DC Comics
GOTHAM ACADEMY #8 by Sean Galloway © DC Comics
GOTHAM ACADEMY #8 by Sean Galloway © DC Comics
TEEN TITANS #10 by Ben Caldwell © DC Comics
TEEN TITANS #10 by Ben Caldwell © DC Comics


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