Stampy Cat Makes the Move From Let’s Play to Let’s Learn With ‘I Wonder’

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© Stampy Cat (Joseph Garrett)
© Stampy Cat (Joseph Garrett) / Maker Studios
© Stampy Cat (Joseph Garrett)
© Stampy Cat (Joseph Garrett) / Maker Studios

If you have a Minecraft fan in the house, you probably know all about Stampy Cat. Stampy Cat, AKA Joseph Garrett, is a celebrity on YouTube known for his entertaining Let’s Play Minecraft videos and infectious laugh.

After years of making Let’s Play videos in Minecraft, this week Stampy debuted his new series, Wonder Quest.

One part of the series is a fun new adventure in Minecraft, while the other part was an unexpected and happy surprise: I Wonder.

I Wonder, an animated show outside of Minecraft, showcases Stampy’s curiosity about the real world:

“I Wonder” is the first fully animated Stampy experience! See Stampy and Keen investigate how the world works. Watch as they build new inventions, embark on new adventures, and try their best to stop those hilarious henchmen, Flunky and Lackey.

The first episode, short and to the point, talks about how to investigate the world with the 5 Ws, along with some quick facts about Galileo.

As a parent who has asked my little video watcher more than once, “Wouldn’t you like to try a science video instead of another Let’s Play?” and heard the unrelenting reply, “I want to watch Stampy!”, I could practically kiss the cat for combining the two.

Visit Stampy’s YouTube channel to watch Wonder Quest and more Minecraft Let’s Play videos.

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