Lands’ End Redeems Itself With Nerdy Shirts For Girls—And Not One Shirt About Being Adorable!

Lands’ End Smart Tees for girls. Screenshot of taken by Ariane Coffin.

Yesterday, I found a Lands’ End post creep up on my Facebook feed, featuring “Smart Tees for boys and girls.” I got really excited, and even more so when I noticed that out of the 19 shirts on their list, nine of them were for girls. Not one or two, but around 50 percent. No way!

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Then I remembered hearing some noise last year about Lands’ End gender stereotyping their kids’ shirts, and I started to feel doubtful. If I removed the filter for “Smart Tees” and browsed everything they offered as a whole, would I find more bad than good?

Lands’ End Smart Tees for girls. Screenshot of taken by Ariane Coffin.

Well, I guess Lands’ End learned their lesson because I did not find a single girl shirt with the words “adorable,” “cute,” or “sassy.” As a mother of two young girls, let me tell you that’s a breath of fresh air. A hurricane of fresh air.

Time will tell if Lands’ End is just waiting for the dust to settle or has really joined the 21st century, but in the meantime, please excuse while I do some online shopping for my little space geeks.

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Ariane is a programmer married to another programmer. Together they have two little girls who don't stand a chance against their nerdy lineage.

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