8 Ways to Be a Pokémon Smart Parent

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All of the Pokémon! All of the time! Photo: Cathe Post

Are Pokémon cards taking over your house? Here are 8 ways to embrace the little pocket monsters.

  1. Do you have a bunch of cards sitting around? Do your kids carry them in their pockets in a jumbled mess? Build them a playable deck! (Don’t worry, the monsters only bite each other.)
  2. Take your Pokémon experience a bit further, learn the basics of playing the game. Even if you have old cards from your brother’s attic, you can still play the game!
  3. If you don’t have cards, you can learn while you play online. No cards needed, just an internet connection.
  4. Do you have video games instead of cards? There are some great guides for beginning Pokémon video game players. Even if you are just interested in the art of Pokémon, there is a video game for that, too.
  5. Ready for playing with other Pokémon fans? Find a league near you!
  6. Are you ready to go completely crazy with Pokémon?! Check out the Twitch channel, YouTube channel, Netflix line up, and more!
  7. Did you know you can be a real Pokémon Professor (if you are 18 or older)? Take the test to see if you have what it takes! (I was a professor for two years and believe me when I say you earn the title.)
  8. Show your Pokémon Pride! Make a shirt, read about the Pokémon, or collect the little characters.
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