Do You Have The Cosplay Bug?

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Whoops! Wrong bug.  Image Flickr user pikawil100, some rights reserved
Whoops! Wrong bug. Image: Flickr user pikawil100, some rights reserved

Five years ago, the costume bug bit me hard. The only known cure was to build a costume of my own and wear it out to as many conventions as possible. What no one told me was that the cure was addicting. Once you built one costume, there was a good chance you would want to build another, and then another, and so on.

With five years of experience in the craft under my belt, I’d like to share with you some symptoms that you may exhibit if you too are bitten by the costume bug. If any of these sound like you, I suggest you immediately… do nothing. It’s a fun hobby and you could be doing worse with your time after all.

You know you’re a cosplayer when…

You have more reference pictures of your current build than you do of your own children.

You hoard JoAnn Fabrics coupons and know all the tricks to getting the best deals (including using competitors coupons).

Clip: Galaxy Quest

When you meet someone new,  your first thought is which character they would look best in.

Your friends no longer question how you cut yourself and instead ask what costume you were working on at the time.

Clip: Star Wars Episode V

You walk into Home Depot and see endless possibilities that have nothing to do with actual plumbing or home improvement.

Someone asks you what you think about a particular character and instead of remarking on their personality, you comment on how difficult their costume would be to build.

You know the true value of duct tape, super glue, and a sewing kit in an emergency.

duct tape
Clip: Mythbusters duct tape special

You’ve done household chores in various costume parts because you are testing out your mobility and comfort levels.

Your garage is filled with tools and supplies that have never been used for their intended purpose.

You have more costumes than work appropriate clothing.

arrow cool
Clip: The Flash series premiere

You openly admit to skinning leather couches you see on the side of the road for project material.

You have to advise your spouse that those empty bottles on the table are NOT trash & not to dare throw them out. They will eventually become rocket boosters.

You get excited for new costume ideas more than new plot lines.

Clip: My Little Pony – Power Ponies, The Hub

Your desk has been covered in partially painted deconstructed Nerf gun parts for the last six weeks.

Your spouse starts asking if this bronzer/eye shadow/nail polish is yours or mine?!

Special thanks to my Facebook friends and fellow GeekMoms for their contribution to this article.

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