Spectacular Spider-Man Watercolor Resist Art

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Photo: Kelly Knox
Photo: Kelly Knox

With all of the exciting news about Spider-Man finally joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, now’s a great time to celebrate your friendly neighborhood wallcrawler! This simple watercolor resist portrait of the webslinger can be a fun art project for the entire family.

You can challenge your older kids to draw and paint Spider-Man on their own, or help a small Spidey fan by setting up the drawing and glue the night before.

What You Need

  • White/school glue (Elmer’s Glue)
  • Watercolor paper
  • Pencil
  • Watercolors

Use a pencil to lightly draw Spider-Man’s mask.

I’ve found it works best to start the project the night before you want to paint to give the glue time to dry, especially if you’re drawing Spidey’s face for a younger child to paint later.

Grab the pencil and watercolor paper and lightly draw only the outline of the face itself, along with Spider-Man’s eyes. (You don’t have to draw the lines of the web yet.) For a reference for the mask, along with a guide to drawing the webs exactly right, check out Marvel artist Will Sliney’s excellent how-to below.

Trace the mask outline with glue.

Once you’ve finished drawing the outline of the mask and eyes, trace over the pencil with a thick line of glue.

Next, use the guide above to draw the webs across the mask with just the glue only. The web lines are a little easier to freehand with the glue, and this minimizes the pencil marks you might have peeking through the dried glue later.

Photo: Kelly Knox
Photo: Kelly Knox

Allow the glue to dry completely.

Time to paint!

Once the glue has dried clear, it’s time to grab the watercolors and get painting. I preferred to paint Spider-Man with his classic colors, while my daughter had her own take on his design.

Photo: Kelly Knox
Photo: Kelly Knox

Spidey’s eyes are typically white with a thick black outline, so I traced the inside of the lines with the black watercolor.

Photo: Kelly Knox
Photo: Kelly Knox

These were my first attempts at drawing Spider-Man, and thankfully the watercolors are a little forgiving for completing the portrait. I’m already thinking of setting up two more pictures because my daughter had so much fun painting the first one—and so did I!

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