GeekMom Fashion Inspiration: Jemma Simmons

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GeekMom Fashion Inspiration © Sophie Brown
GeekMom Fashion Inspiration © Sophie Brown

Jemma Simmons has a style that combines practical geek with feminine. Her wardrobe is full of cute pieces that emphasize her “nice girl” demeanor, especially when contrasted with the black and leather in the outfits worn by Skye and May.

Jemma Simmons © Sophie Brown via Polyvore
Jemma Simmons © Sophie Brown via Polyvore

Dots: Many of Jemma’s piece feature dots and spotty patterns. However, don’t think this limits you to simple circles. Any small repeating will work including hearts, stars, or even cats! Dots can be overwhelming too. If you’d like to keep them toned down, consider a scarf or other small accessory.

Peter Pan Collars: Most of Jemma’s outfits feature a distinctive collar–frequently a Peter Pan collar which is small and rounded. These style of collars have been popular recently and you can often find them on vintage-style dresses, but they also look great popping up from a sweater.

Blazers: One of the most iconic items in Jemma’s wardrobe is her collection of blazers. These are usually in neutral shades and often feature a contrasting trim to help define the shape.

Sweaters: Along with her blazers, Jemma also owns a fantastic collection of sweaters. These often have a rounded neck to allow her to show off the collars from her shirts (if they don’t have an inbuilt one of their own), but we have seen her rock a bold turtleneck with a houndstooth pattern.

Practical/Trendy Shoes: We’ve seen Jemma rock Converse and Doc Martins in the past. Given that her job involves many hours standing on her feet, practical comfy shoes are clearly high on Jemma’s priority list, however her choices are always funky too. Stick with popular, cult-style shoes and you won’t go far wrong.

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