Nerdache Box Is Your Geeky Food Subscription Box Full of Treats

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Image: Nerdache Cakes
Image: Nerdache Cakes

There are so very many monthly subscription boxes that one could become overwhelmed and possibly go broke trying them all. I’ve sampled a few, but none have hooked me enough to stay with them every month. Now that I’ve discovered Nerdache Boxes, that might be about to change.

The idea comes from Nerdache Cakes based in Clifton, New Jersey which is run by Ant Roman. She loves to bake and specializes in all things nerdy from wedding cakes to cupcakes to cookies.

She recently expanded her offerings to include monthly subscription boxes featuring delicious nerdy treats. The theme changes from month-to-month with February featuring, you guessed it, nerdy love stuff. Sadly, I found out about these boxes after February was sold out.

You don’t have to sign up and get every month, but order each month only if you like what’s in that particular box. She’s just set up a Facebook page specifically for Nerdache Box so you can follow and see when the next box will be available.

This is a very new service, and it’ll be cool to see how it develops over the coming months. I am now officially stalking the Facebook page, determined to get my hands on one of the March boxes as soon as they’re available.

A subscription box that’s nerdy and filled with tasty eats? I’m in!

(via ThatsNerdalicious)

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