The Meanest Thing You Say to Your Creative Friend

What I could really use is a time turner on my hands. Photo by lozikiki on Flickr

There’s a sentence every creative person hears eventually (or frequently) that’s a slap in the face every time:

“You have too much time on your hands.”

It’s in Urban Dictionary. There are snarky (and occasionally inspirational) Pinterest boards with “too much time on your hands” titles. Even Engadget, a site that arguably is for people with “too much time” to play with gadgets, is guilty of using it as a post title. (And it’s a Styx song, but that’s different.)

You may not think you’re being rude when you say this, but that’s because you’re not. You’re being incredibly, rudely, offensively mean. But you’re also revealing a lot.

When you say this phrase, what the creator hears is, “Wow, that was a really pointless thing you did.” And let’s be honest: That is exactly what you just said; it’s just not quite what you meant. What you were really saying was more like, “Wow, you spent a lot of time doing something you really enjoyed and created something you felt was worth sharing with me. I spent the same amount of time re-watching all of Dawson’s Creek on Netflix, pinning recipes I’ll never actually make, and playing through to level eleventy billion of Candy Crush. Now I would like to avoid reflecting too long on any of this.”

Let’s look at that. Especially this part: You spent a lot of time doing something you really enjoyed and created something you felt was worth sharing with me. It can take a lot for a creative person to share what they’ve made. It’s an act of trust. Creativity often comes with a pretty large ladle of self-doubt. And instead of supporting, encouraging, or even so much as politely smiling and nodding, you’ve declared the creation a waste.

If you’re a creative person yourself, let me offer some advice. The appropriate reply to the offender is, “No, actually I have the exact same 24 hours in a day that you do. I just choose to use them differently.” My experience is that this usually results in gobsmacked silence, which is exactly what should happen.

You can reserve the bonus snark for people who use the even more offensive version, “You should get a hobby.” (Wait, what? I just showed you the result of hours of learning a craft, but I don’t have a… I’m sorry, what?) To these people, you actually ask how they’ve been using their time. Rarely do they have a real answer. When they do have hobbies of their own, all you’re left with is the knowledge that this person, whether it was an anonymous commenter on a blog or your favorite aunt, is a little bit of a jerk. Then you have to choose whether it’s worth the time and/or potential loss of relationship to point out that you do have a hobby, and this is it, and that it’s incredibly rude to call someone’s hobby less valuable than your own.

And if you do? Worst case, you’re labeled “the weirdo,” but I gotta tell you—there are more of us. And we’re way more fun. Alas, what we don’t have is much time on our hands. We’ve got too many awesome projects.

To that, in closing, I offer you five fantastic things I found online with the phrase, “too much time on their hands”:

Scott Weaver’s Rolling Through the Bay (click that link for a video), which I’ve seen in person, and it really is fantastic. Photo by vivve on Flickr.
I am a huge sucker for latte art, and if you care that much about my coffee, it is absolutely not a waste of time. Photo from
Vegetable carvings come up a lot in this search. I made a Skylanders Chompy out of a watermelon once. It took about 15 minutes. This, though? I have a huge amount of respect for this much patience. Photo by myprontopop on Twitter, who did not call it a waste of time.
I’m pretty sure the person who pinned this under “too much time on your hands” wouldn’t say that if somebody offered her a slice. Photo from, where you can also get the recipe. The dyes are from actual foods, not food coloring!
Finally, this isn’t exactly high art, but it’s pretty funny. And took way less time than you spent tweeting from the toilet. Found on Pinterest, repinned from


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