Make Reading Magical With Harry Potter Book Night

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© Bloomsbury
© Bloomsbury

Wizards and Muggles around the world are invited by UK publisher Bloomsbury to join in the first ever Harry Potter Book Night on February 5, 2015. With a goal of “passing on the magic of J.K. Rowling’s amazing books to the next generation of readers,” teachers, bookshop owners, and other event organizers can download a free event kit to make the evening extraordinary.

Harry Potter enthusiasts and educators are invited to sign up to receive the event kit download. (You won’t receive it right away, so keep an eye out for an email within a few days.)

Grab the kit if there’s even a slight chance that a Harry Potter party might be in your future! The robust 41-page guide is packed with ideas, recommended book excerpts for the book night party, activities, printables, and more for large groups of kids ages 8-10, but can easily be adapted to a small storytime with the neighbors or a mini-party with your own little wizards. Even just the quick facts about Hogwarts and Harry Potter’s magical world make the kit worth the download.

Harry Potter Book Night is a great opportunity to introduce your community, kids, and their friends to the spellbinding story of Harry Potter—not to mention the perfect excuse to read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone again!


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