Beautiful R2-KT Ring Inspired by a Dad’s Love For His Ailing Daughter

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R2-KT Ring
Image: Paul Michael Design

This Star Wars R2-KT ring is beautiful all on its own, but becomes exquisite when you know the story that led to its creation.

R2-KT is a little astromech droid that came in to being thanks to 501st Legion founder, Albin Johnson, whose daughter, Katie, was battling brain cancer. Her diagnosis came in November 2004 when she was only six years old. She underwent treatment that included chemotherapy and Katie bravely fought the disease.

One day during her treatment, her family took her picture in front of a church where Katie noticed that one of the windows looked a lot like R2-D2 and an idea was born. Her dad decided to create a very special pink astromech, R2-KT, to watch over Katie.

He brought his idea to life with the help of the R2 Builders Club who hurried to complete the droid and present it to Katie. She was able to spend some time with a prototype R2-KT in all its pink glory before she passed away on August 9, 2005.

The full, complete R2-KT was presented to Katie’s family the following July and now serves to help others, just like the 501st Legion, making appearances at conventions, charity events, and children’s hospitals all across the country. The little droid inspired by a child’s vision of R2-D2 in a church window now helps other children fighting their own battles.

This beautiful R2-KT ring was made by Paul Michael Design to look just like the little pink astromech. It joins a long list of nerdy designs that includes Cylons, X-Wings, and even a TARDIS necklace. Many of his creations are available on his Etsy site and he is happy to work with you on a custom designed piece.


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