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Starting at $39, might have the most expensive mystery boxes for geeks, but you get quality products that you won’t want to throw away.

The boxes come in three different themes, DC Comics, Marvel, or Star Wars. The main difference between the boxes is the total worth of what is inside. A sidekick box costs $39 and you are promised over $60 worth of merchandise. The hero box promises you at least $70 in merchandise for $49. When ordering your box, you can request a men’s, women’s, or kid’s sized shirt for the Hero box. Certain times of the year kid themed boxes are available, but it’s not an ongoing thing.

To see what these mystery boxes were all about, I checked out a DC Sidekick box and a Marvel Hero Box.

Both boxes included a bumper sticker, paper craft, key chain, and a comic book. 

Sidekick Box

Sidekick Box breakdown
Batman Mug – $9.99 (estimated based on a Google search)
Batman plush – $6.99
Bumper sticker – $2.99
Comic book – $3.99
Key chain – $7.99
Batman face can and bottle cooler – $8.99
Mystery gift card – $7.00 (could be worth up to $75)
Bottle Opener – $3.99
Symbol Pin – $1.75
Total = $53

This wasn’t my favorite box of the two, but I still loved everything that it came with and gave it a home within my office at work. My 9-year old son ran off with “baby Batman” as he calls him and has been attached to him ever since.

Hero Box  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Hero Box Image: Dakster Sullivan

Hero Box breakdown
Captain America t-shirt – $23.99
Earrings – $9.99
Large Tote bag – $6.99
Comic book – $3.99
Bumper sticker – $2.99
Key chain – $8.99
Athletic socks (2 pair pack) – $14.99
Travel mug – $10.99 (estimated based on a Google search)
Magnet – $4.99
Symbol Pin – $1.75
Surprise gift card – $7.00
Total = $96

I love how they included feminine items since I requested a women’s shirt. The socks are super comfy and I wouldn’t mind getting a few more pairs in the future. I already had that same Captain America shirt, but welcomed it anyways since my current one was running a little small.

The only thing I’d change about these boxes is the packaging of the comics. It was a rainy Florida day when my box arrived and the bottom of the box was a bit soggy, which leaked into the box and onto my comic book. It’s still readable, but not in a condition that I would be able to trade it later on if I choose to do so.

Compared to other services I’ve reviewed, this was by far the most expensive, but also the most worth the expense. You know that you will be getting high quality merchandise and not cheap promo items thrown together. With three themes to choose from, you also stand a better chance of winding up with items you will enjoy. I plan on keeping my eyes peeled for more Hero and Sidekick boxes in the future. It’s a bummer that they’re not available by subscription, but maybe their popularity will catch on and SuperHeroStuff will offer it down the road. The next box offering will be in January 2015!

Disclaimer: GeekMom received a few sample.

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