Olaf, The Multilingual Snowman

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In summer
Olaf’s voices from around the world can be heard in a new video from Disney Movies Anywhere. ©Disney. All rights reserved

Move over, Let It Go, Olaf’s big solo number, In Summer, has its own version in several languages.

Disney Movies Anywhere,  has released an exclusive video of Olaf’s love ballad to warm weather in celebration of the release of its Frozen Sing Along, edition on DVD. Languages include Spanish, Croatian, Hebrew, Thai and German, to name a few. The feature is the Disney’s follow up to the Multi-Language version of Let It Go, in released at the beginning of the year in 23 languages. Even parents who are Frozen’ed out will appreciate a different song getting the full round-the-world treatment, proving a talking snowman is adorable in any language.

Disney Movies Anywhere is available for free signup online or via iOS and Android apps.

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