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Nerd Block is one of the newest mystery box subscriptions to hit the internet. Starting at $13.99 + shipping a month you can subscribe to a Nerd Block Jr., or for $19.99 + shipping you can subscribe to the classic, arcade, or horror boxes.

To get a taste of what a classic and a Jr. box (themed for ages 6-11 and come in a “girl” or “boy” themes) was like, Nerd Block sent me one of each to check out. After opening the boxes, I wish they had gotten lost in the mail.

Nerdblock Jr.  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Nerd Block Jr. Image: Dakster Sullivan

November Nerd Block Jr. (“boy” themed box) subscribers received a slap watch, an action figure (my son received Iron Man), a comic book, two puzzle erasers, and a wannabe-Lego brick mini-figure. To say my son was disappointed would be a massive understatement.

They guarantee that you will get at least what you paid for the box before shipping in each box.

Let’s add up what I received in the Jr. box:
Iron Man figure – $5.99
Puzzle Erasers – $6.05
Slap Watch – Average is $5.00
Comic Book – $3.99
Total cost: $21.03

The total cost shocks me because I wouldn’t have paid more than $4 for everything. The most worthwhile thing in the box was the comic and everything else has already been donated to Goodwill. In my opinion, this box was a major waste of time.

For $19.99 plus shipping, the November Nerd Block Classic subscribers received: a slap watch, one sheet of Star Wars car decals, an Iron Man mug, Deadpool shirt, a Batman or Robin 1966 plush (I received Batman), and there was a possibility of an authentic autograph from the actor who played Robin in the 60’s.

Nerdblock Classic  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Nerd Block Classic Image: Dakster Sullivan

Let’s add up the cost of this box:
Slap Watch – Average is $5.00
Deadpool shirt – $18.00
Iron Man mug – $6.50
Star Wars decals – $30
Plush – $20 (according to Google, but I’m not believing it)
Total cost: $59.50

The total doesn’t shot me as much this time only because of the shirt and the decals having such a high price tag on themselves. I’m wondering what the designers of this box were thinking when they threw in a slap watch into an adult box. Of everything in this box, none of it is still in my house. The shirts only come various sizes including men, women, and kids, but since I was given a male Deadpool shirt, it has since been donated to my brother’s t-shirt collection. My husband is giving away the decals, and the rest went to random people.

Even with the possibility of an autograph from Burt Ward, I still feel cheated (and keep in mind I got this for free). The boxes had no theme to them and I felt the contents were a bit chaotic in terms of what was chosen to be inside. How Star Wars, Batman, Deadpool, Iron Man, and a slap watch have anything in common is beyond me.

I guess I expected more high quality items in the box, or at least something that would make me geek out. Instead, I felt like the month-long wait to receive my boxes was waste of enthusiasm.

If I’m feeling let down by these “surprises” I can only imagine what someone who paid for a box would feel.

Speaking of which, our own Cathe Post bought a couple boxes as Christmas gifts, and thankfully she and her husband opened them up to check the contents. Here is what she had to say about what they received.

We purchased the October boxes for Nerd Block Jr. and the Arcade box.

The Jr. box contained a small TMNT plush key-chain, a How to Train Your Dragon Comic Book, some face tattoos, a weird jumping bean guy, and a Yoshi miniature. The comic and TMNT thing were cool. The tattoos were “meh.” I guess I expected more “name brand” items for what we paid.

Nerdblock Jr October  Image: Cathe Post
October Nerd Block Jr. Image: Cathe Post

The Arcade Box contained a shirt (in a kid’s size because that is what I asked for), Luigi, Hyrule wipe-off board, Portal key fob, Mario miniature, and “building blocks” (not Lego brand).

We purchased these to sprinkle in with the Christmas presents from Santa this year. My husband and I are in agreement that these are a neat idea, but overpriced for the few interesting bits that come in the box. The Arcade box was only a few dollars more, and had the shirt besides the other bits and seemed to be a little bit more reasonably priced.

Nerdblock Arcade box  Image: Cathe Post
October Nerd Block Arcade box Image: Cathe Post

The cancellation process is difficult to find. I wanted to cancel after the first box of each since we just wanted them for a single gift. I had to search to find the email address to cancel the subscription. I also couldn’t cancel until after the first box was delivered.

I realize presentation is everything, but I would be more likely to purchase again if they spent less on the packaging box and more on the quality of goods that goes into the box.

If you have money to burn and don’t mind playing Russian roulette with getting something you will like or a theme you enjoy, this service is for you. Of course, there are other geek box subscriptions out there that I feel are more worth the cost (LootCrate comes to mind).

Well, there you have it. Buyers beware of Nerd Block.

Disclaimer: GeekMom received a review sample.

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  1. I had the same kind of experience with them with a NB Jr. review box, except the Hot Wheels car included was over a decade old, and the packaging was encrusted with crud. It was disgusting.

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