GeekMom’s 2014 Gift Guide of Stocking Stuffers

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Stockings. They are the bane of Christmas for some. They seem to be related to the TARDIS with their bigger-on-the-inside technology. Sometimes those things just seem to be impossible to fill. Fear not, Padawan! GeekMom has suggestions for your stockings, too.

Mixel Max

Lego Mixels. These are small Lego monster kits. From the Lego site: “Torts has bulky feet and is the slowest moving of the Glorp Corp tribe from the swamps. A slob who enjoys playing for thrills, Torts shoots gloopy, green slime from its hands. Everything sticks to this turtle-like creature—which is great fun when goofing around and perfect for catching a Nixel or two!” $4.99

Image: Think Fun.

Word A Round. A twist on word-searches, Word A Round offers a fun brain-twisting exercise. $11.22

Adonit Jot Script
Image: ThinkGeek.

Adonit Jot Script Fine Point Stylus – Evernote Edition. For the techie, get the only stylus that one of our GeekMoms has actually tried and enjoyed using on the iPad$74.99

Image: Gamewright.

Iota. This game was made to be a stocking-stuffer! The teeny-tiny game is great fun for older elementary kids and adults. $8.17

Image: ThinkGeek.

PowerCube. “Have power, will travel” is the motto of the PowerCube. $12.99 – $24.99

Image: Amazon.

Miracle Fruit Tablets. You know that sour tangerine in the bottom of your stocking? It doesn’t have to have the pucker-power of a lemon. Have fun with some of the other sour and bitter traditional Christmas-morning foods and make them sweet with these tablets.  $14.95

Image: Thinkgeek.

Fuel-Micro Portable Charger. Fuel is the smallest portable charger one GeekMom owns. It’s great for those on the go who don’t want to lug around a larger battery. $24.99

Image: Swann.

SpyCam Pen.n Swann’s 4GB PenCam is great for anyone who wants to record a meeting or take pictures without it being to obvious. $59.99

Marvel Coasters
Image: Thinkgeek.

Marvel Auto Coaster Set. Avenge the cup holder in the car with a set of two Avenger character coasters. Rubber and ready, you can trim them down to fit your car. $9.99

Image: Thinkgeek.

Bacon Bandages. After all of the calories consumed over the holidays, bacon bandages might be the only cholesterol-safe way to have contact with bacon. $7.76

Wall plate
Image: Amazon.

RCA Dual USB Wall Plate. Give the gift of upgrading your wall outlets with one that has two USB ports built in. $9.99

k-9 kit
Image: Lisa Tate.

Doctor Who Mini-Kits and Booklets. Running Press’ Doctor Who figure kits have nifty little collectible figures for any Whovian or collector, including a light-up TARDIS, a rolling Dalek, a stately Cyberman Bust, and a mini light-up replica of the Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver. The latest addition hearkens back to the Fourth Doctor’s reign with a K-9 figure who lights-up and utters his cute little catchphrase, “Affirmative, Master.” These little boxed sets include a small booklet on the history of the included item. They are small and inexpensive enough for stocking stuffers or gift exchanges.  $9.59-$12.95

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