Farming Simulator 15 Brings Farming Fun for the Whole Family

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If your kids are anything like mine, you’ve got a kid who’s in love–nay, pretty much obsessed–with sim games. Whether it’s through games like Minecraft or Puzzle Craft or any other amalgamation, my son is absolutely besotted with games that allow him to grow plants into crops and arrange the world around him. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to suggest next for him, but thankfully our sponsor Maxmium Games has the answer.

Our son is also a seasoned fan of Forza, and is particularly intrigued by sims that bring a little more reality to the situation. He’s super detail-oriented, and there’s no fooling him when it comes to games that cut corners in that way.

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Which is why Farming Simulator 15 is such a great option. While there are other sim type games out there which may be, shall we say, slightly on the more questionable side when it comes to content, that’s not something you have to worry about with Farming Simulator 15. As the number after the name indicates, it’s been around a while. And if you’re kid is as into agricultural fun as mine, they’re guaranteed to have a blast.
One of our son’s favorite parts of the game is the fact that the tractors represent actual companies you’d find emblazoned on the side of a tractor in real life–like New Holland, Case-IH, Ponsse, Lamborghini, Horsch, and Kuhn. Didn’t know that Lamborghini made tractors? Well, like me you’re now enlightened.

Additionally, Farming Simulator 15 allows kids to play online with up to 15 others. There they can share mods, swap tips, and show each other around their own creations. For the Minecraft generation, this is a must. Plus, there’s other new features like logging and learning woodcrafting, definitely a fun new craft for kids who are looking to make their mark in the virtual world! Granted, my son’s favorite part is the new chainsaws, harvesters, chippers, and trailers. But that’s his thing. Thankfully there are games like this out there!

And that’s not to mention all the other fun activities you–and your kids–will find yourselves rather wrapped up in. Not everyone has close access to a farm, but I love that games like this teach about the growth and cultivation of food and animal husbandry. It’s so important that kids learn where their food comes from and get an appreciation for what farmers do. It’ll certainly make the next hayride you take more interesting! Who knows, it could foster a lifelong love of farming–you never know.

Want to get in on the fun action? We’re giving away a “farmtastic” Farming Simulator prize package. One random winner will get a fabulous prize package including the PC game, a “Rosie” the cow USB drive, a bumper sticker, a mug, and more!


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7 thoughts on “Farming Simulator 15 Brings Farming Fun for the Whole Family

  1. I haven’t actually heard of this, despite the number 15 on it. Thought it does sound like a fun way to pass an afternoon with my almost 5yo son.

  2. The weak spot of some sim games is they become a Find The Pattern And Repeat It game. I’m intrigued to learn how this game addresses the issue.

    Minecraft is so open-ended that the definition of ‘winning’ is defined individually by each player, sometimes differently each time they play.

  3. Combine me intrigued. I grew up on a farm and I love Harvest Moon. How have I missed this for 14 iterations? Looks like something I could play with my 5YO son.

  4. I like that they can learn woodworking, play with up to 15 people and that the tractors represent real companies. My older grand kids love Minecraft so Im sure they would enjoy this.

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