Dress to Kill Like Agent Peggy Carter

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Promo poster for Marvel’s Agent Carter. Image: Disney/ABC

“That Dame is Dangerous.”

So said the caption as Agent Carter was announced last year.

Set in the World War II era, Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) is still a hero for today’s woman. She’s able to overcome odds and stereotypes based on her own willpower, brains, ingenuity, and resolve. Who needs sensitivity training when you know how to balance a desk job with undercover secret missions? Carter knows her way around the world of espionage, can stand up for what’s right, and is an expert with not only firearms, but fiery comments.

Plus, she looks incredible doing it.

Carter’s stylish and practical look shows a woman can be a superhero without the revealing spandex, and be prepped to head a top secret government espionage and law enforcement agency like S.H.I.E.L.D. without skin-tight black leather.

Sites like Etsy and Pinteret have plenty of vintage patterns available for sale, as well as links to vintage retailers. Image found on Pinterest.
Sites like Etsy and Pinterest have plenty of vintage patterns available for sale, as well as links to vintage retailers. Image found on Pinterest.

It’s no coincidence Carter’s blue and red look teased in the show’s teaser and promotional posters reflects that of her lost love, Steve Rogers (AKA Captain America). Carter is the one left to take up the task of keeping the balance between good and evil, with super smarts instead of superpowers.

It might be safe to say this series will encourage a few new cosplay and fashion trends that will look as cool on the comic convention floor as they will in the workplace.

The two definitive items are very basic: a red fedora and blue dress suit.

Carter’s fedora resembles the red hat of another world-wise character, Carmen Sandiego of computer game fame. Thanks to fans of the game, the search for red fedoras is nothing new, and sites like Amazon offer several styles of classic felt fedoras from shops like Decky and Forum Novelties. These hats range anywhere from $10 to $40, depending on label.

Carter’s suit dress is typical of the day and office wear of the 1940s but may prove trickier to find due to its distinct blue. This may be a case where haunting a vintage clothing store or consignment shop is the best bet. Online merchants like The Cats Pajamas offer similar items and vintage patterns on eBay, as well as online tutorials on how to wear clothes from that era. Vintage clothes can be a little more expensive, around $200, so those with sewing abilities might do best to make their own.

Once the suit is found, any white dress shirt, preferably with a marine or Chelsea style collar, will go with it, accented with a pair of blue sandal-style high heel, but not stiletto, pumps.

Sometimes, it is nice to go back in time where a gal can show off her blend of smarts and sexy in classic–and classy–way.







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  1. Peggy Carter’s hat is *not* a fedora. It is a ‘Stetson Aviatrix’. The costume designer specifically didn’t give Peggy a fedora … to differentiate her from the sea of men wearing fedoras on the show.

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