The Amputee Rock Star Who Can Light Up the Stage With Her Leg

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As the resident GeekMom amputee writer, I felt a need to share this story with you. Born in Latvia, with some complications in her left leg, singer Viktoria Modesta eventually had the lower part of her left leg amputated. This is a story that is not uncommon in the amputee world these days. Like me, many amputees chose to have their surgeries done, to find better mobility in the end. The world of prosthetics has advanced so far that we’d rather walk around on bionics than poorly working flesh and bone.

In Viktoria’s case, it became more of an asset than just giving her better mobility. Being a rock star, having the chance to change up the look of your left leg gives you huge advantages. The variety of prosthetic legs in her new video is fun to look at and fascinating to watch. I would suspect her shows sell out too, with people who want to see her cool hardware,  live and on stage.


It’s a great gimmick for a young star.

Even typing those words feels odd to me.

That’s how far the life of an amputee has come;  instead of spending our days hiding the fact we use technology to get around, it is now something to be shown off—in some cases, something to be celebrated. In a weird, twisted way of thinking, having an artificial leg actually gives this young rock star an advantage over her peers. It’s the ultimate accessory.

You can find the video, and check out all of her cool legs (I’m jealous!) at this link.

(Disclaimer: Video is a bit racy. Do not watch around young children)

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