10 Popular Video Games That May Be Too Much for Your Kids (and What to Play Instead)

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violentgames-blogHundreds, if not thousands, of video games are published every year across a variety of platforms, from handheld and mobile to console and computer. Most of these are perfectly fine for almost everyone in the family to play, but let’s face it: It’s the mature games, the ones with lots of adult content — especially violence — that get the most attention. These games are OK for adults to play, and frequently, you’ll find that these titles get the large ad campaigns that run on TV and on websites, the most critical acclaim, and a majority of the press, both good and bad. It’s no wonder that teens and pre-teens want to play these titles the most. So what should parents do, especially if they don’t know anything about the games?

We’ve identified 10 of the most violent games from the past year. This isn’t an exhaustive list; rather, these are the standouts from our reviewers (who spend hundreds of hours playing and writing about the latest games on the market). Many of these titles are excellent, with star ratings of 4 and 5, with superior technical, visual, and plot design. However, all are games that should be kept solely for mature gamers.

Each violent title is listed with alternatives from the same genre, so you have solid, less violent options for your kids. If you want absolutely no violence, check out our list of nonviolent video games as well as our list of Engaging Alternatives to Ultraviolent Games. Also, make sure you check out our reviews for the latest recommendations on the newest games.

The 10 Most Violent Games of the Year and What to Play Instead

Alien: Isolation. Capturing the hopelessness and tension of the first Alien movie, Alien: Isolation overflows with violence. As Amanda Ripley, you use a variety of weapons from pistols to flamethrowers in the quest to find Ripley’s mother. You explore your space station, coming across gore, blood, and violent non-interactive death sequences as the creature impales, bites, and disposes of you. There’s also strong profanity and unexpected shocks that are terrifying even for adults. Still, mature horror and sci-fi fans will love to explore the darkened corridors of Alien: Isolation, which feels like a long-lost chapter in the well-known movie franchise.

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