Fund This! Easy Macro Lens, Nosferatu, and Diverse Books!

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This edition of Fund This features a Macro Lens for your phone, a film ode to the original Dracula, and a campaign to bring more diversity into youth literature!

Happy Funding!

photo courtesy of Easy Macro Lens

Easy Macro Lens for iPhone, Android, Windows Phones

Another GeekMom sent this campaign to me, since she contributed to funding Version 1 of this lens and she and her daughter were so happy with the product. I have a gorgeous Pentax camera, but I take most of my pictures on my iPhone. It is convenient, fits in my pocket, and is always with me. The zoom feature, however is lacking, evident in the many grainy shots I have attempted.  Campaigning to offer 3 lenses (2x, 4x, and 10x), these portable accessories will be my solution! I like that they work on any phone, even stretching to work on a tablet. My budding entomologist son will be thrilled to use it with his iPod out in the field. Low tech, easy to use and carry with you, great results!


photo courtesy of Nosferatu Kickstarter campaign

Nosferatu: The Feature Film Remix

Shot in 1921, Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror was the first vampire movie ever filmed and is widely accepted as the foundation on which all other horror cinema was built. Apparently, the film was an unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and his widow objected, demanding all copies of the film be destroyed. But of course one copy survived. Of course it did. So we are lucky enough to be able to see the birth of this genre, the beauty of the craft, the gorgeous subtlety (that is completely lacking in most contemporary horror film) which makes the film so completely chilling. This campaign is seeking funds to revive the original tale and update it using modern technology to save the original scenes mixed with new actors, pacing, and more. I have no doubt it will be genius. I prefer my vampires stealthy and dark, hold the sparkle. The original tales stand the test of time and are worthy of our saving them.


photo courtesy of WNDB

We Need Diverse Books

If the title of the campaign doesn’t say it all, the video will tell you everything you need to know. Kids need to not only see themselves in books, but also have a literary window into the lives of those who are different than themselves in order to connect with the human experience in a visceral, holistic way. The reality is that the diversity of books for youth is still abysmal. Support this campaign and be part of making what I believe will be a profound change for many children.

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