Celebrate Finn the Human with the Latest Adventure Time DVD

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Adventure Time: Finn the Human, featuring 16 episodes featuring Finn, comes out on DVD on November 25th! Image credit: Turner Entertainment.

Just in time for the holidays, Adventure Time fans can enjoy the latest DVD collection from Cartoon Network: Adventure Time: Finn the Human. This collection, like their others, includes a free gift. This time, it’s a drawstring version of Finn’s backpack.

This collection of episodes span six seasons of the Emmy-award nominated series, all of which delve deeply into Finn’s psyche and backstory. If you own the complete seasons of the series (seasons 1-4 are out now), then you might find a compilation such as this an extraneous investment. But if themed-compilations are preferable, this one is a lot of fun.

One of my favorite episodes in this collection is “We Fixed a Truck” which features the voice and music of the great Weird Al Yankovic, playing a character named Bananaman, a lonely, geeky neighbor who craves companionship. Bananaman shows up in one other episode–also on this DVD collection, but in “We Fixed a Truck” you can hear the adorable song “Hanging Out Forever”, to which Weird Al brings a special comedic compassion.

As for the backpack, I think a true fan will take exception to it being square instead of round, and it’s really nothing more than a standard drawstring backpack. The fabric seems fragile, and the ends of the drawstring cords have already started fraying (a quick pass of a lighter will take care of that.) If you enjoy a simple Finn cosplay, it will make a great accessory, as long as you’re okay with it not being round. My son noticed right away that it was a rectangle. Since he requested one for his last birthday party earlier this year, I made a round one out of flannel.

There are no bonus features on this DVD; it’s just the sixteen 10-12 minute episodes. But don’t worry, it provides nearly three hours of viewing. DVDs in this form are popular with my sons for road trips, so they don’t get significantly invested in a story just in case we turn off the car, as they might with longer movies.

Despite the lack of bonus features, I think this DVD collection will make a great gift for your Adventure Time fans. Adventure Time: Finn the Human, is available starting November 25, 2014, will retail for $24.98, and will be available at major electronics and media retailers, such as at Amazon.

GeekMom received a copy of this DVD for review purposes.

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