Nintendo Launches “Play Nintendo” for Parents and Kids

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All images © Nintendo
All images © Nintendo

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the Wii U. In fact, as a mom I’m probably even more of a fan of Nintendo than I was as a kid—which I didn’t think was possible—thanks to the console being the most family-friendly of the “next gen” bunch. I’m happy to see with the launch of the new family web site Play Nintendo, the company is embracing their role as the best console for kids.

Kids will enjoy getting their hands on games, personality activities, trivia, tips, and gameplay videos and trailers, all in one very colorful spot.

Darn right I am.

I love that my five-year-old can easily watch videos of games she’s interested in without worrying about anything inappropriate popping up. (I will say that the Kirby-yourself game is a little disturbing, but she was quite entertained, so bravo.)

Even more impressive is the Parents section of the new site. Nintendo not only markets their recent releases—which is to be expected—but also includes reassurance about the benefits of gaming for kids. The site also includes a handy list of how-to’s for parents and grandparents who might not be game savvy. Not you fine geek parents reading this, of course, but the next time your mother-in-law asks for gift suggestions, you have a place to send her.

Hop on over to the Play Nintendo site if you’re a longtime fan like me or have a geek kid who’s a new fan. I’m know you’re dying to find out which Mario Kart 8 racer you are

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