The LegsGo Company Creates More Cool Prosthetic Covers

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So, I’m back! I have just a few more companies to tell you about in this series about the exciting world of prosthetic covers. As a reminder, there are many ways those of us with prosthetic legs can decorate our sockets, if we choose not to hide our hardware. Options vary from very low-tech (stickers of any kind) to medium-tech (stretchy fabric covers) to a bit higher-tech (laminating a socket with a specific drawing or fabric). But now, in this age of 3D printers, our options are expanding once again.

The newest idea in prosthetic covers are called fairings. This is basically a piece of plastic that is molded to the shape of a real human leg, but is designed in awesome ways that express a person’s individuality. This product is removable and fits over the top of an existing socket. Some are held in place by screws, some by snaps. I’ve shown you what the BeSpoke Company is doing, as well as the UNYQ company. Today, we’re going to see what a company called LegsGo is up to.

When I started this series, I didn’t even know LegsGo existed. I happened to mention my latest project to my own prosthetist, at a visit one day. He said, “Oh, a couple of my other patients have those!” Fascinated, I asked him who made them. He wasn’t sure, but put me in touch with two guys who actually owned a fairing. Both are from Spain and both used the same company, LegsGo.

After digging around some more, I was fascinated once again. Along with totally custom designs, this company is making creative-themed prosthetic covers. Ever wondered what a Kill Bill prosthetic cover might look like? Or are you more in the Ferrari (or Lamborghini) fan base? Maybe you’re more the Iron Man or Captain America lover. There’s a leg designed for that, too.

As I started to write up this post, I suddenly couldn’t find the company website anymore. A casual comment to Eythor Bender, the owner of the UNYQ company, solved the mystery. As it turns out, the founder of LegsGo used to work with Bender, at a large prosthetic company. They each left and without realizing it, started their new companies, making prosthetic covers with the new 3D technology. A chance encounter last year led to a conversation that led to the two companies joining forces. So, as Bender put it in the email to me, “It’s a small world. The LegsGo company is us!” This is exciting to me because before they joined forces, LegosGo was a small company, based only in Spain. I thought it would be great if their products could have a more international market—and now they do.

I’m going to share their awesome themed designs with you, even though ordering a prosthetic cover might be a bit tricky at the moment, while the two companies merge. I figured that you, like me, might be fascinated to see what creative people can do when it comes to designing unique prosthetic covers. Take a minute to watch the video above. I promise you’ll find a design that makes you smile.

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