Fun Facts In October

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October in Maine. Image: Sarah Pinault

Happy October! Here are some facts to ponder about the tenth month of the year.

1. In the Southern hemisphere, October is the seasonal equivalent to April.

2. In his 2006 collection Fragile Things, Neil Gaiman included a story that personified the month, entitled “October in the Chair.”

3. John Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Chester Arthur, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and Jimmy Carter were all born in October–the most Presidential month.

4. In the early Roman calendar, it was actually the eighth month.

5. Rural delivery of mail in the United States was not free until October 1, 1896. Prior to this, rural farmers had to pay a private carrier or pick up from their “local” post office.

6. President Truman made the first presidential telecast address from the White House on October 5, 1947.

7. October 11, 2014 is the third annual Star Wars Reads Day.

8. Carrie Fisher, Christopher Lloyd, and Matt Smith were all born in October–a good month for three of my favorite franchises.

9. New Zealand was discovered in October 1769; Middle Earth fans are forever grateful.

10. October 20 is World Statistics Day.

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