Moon Tiara Action! New Sailor Moon Dub Now Online

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Sailor Moon © Viz Media
Sailor Moon © Viz Media

Have you always wanted to share the silly fun of Sailor Moon with your geeklings? Now’s your chance! 23 episodes of the original, newly re-dubbed anime are now available online through Viz Media and Hulu.

If you suffered through the Sailor Moon DiC dub in the 90s, you’ll find things are different now. In Viz’s new dub, character names now match the manga. Sorry, Serena! The voice acting seems to be higher quality, with an admirable effort at matching the animated mouth movements without rushing the dialogue too much to fit the words in. Usagi is appropriately cute and whiny without being grating; my five-year-old commented more than once, “Sailor Moon is hilarious!”

The opening and ending songs, as well as the background and transformation music, remain unchanged and undubbed, which made me happy as an anime watcher who prefers subs over dubs. (I’m a sub snob.)

All 200 episodes and 3 films will eventually be released in English through Viz, without alterations to the story or characters. If you’re a collector, the first 23 episodes (both subtitled and dubbed) will be available in November in new, remastered DVD/Blu-ray boxed sets.

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