Fund This: CODE, Victorian Chart Puzzles, and Cthulhu Cards!

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Fall has arrived and with it will come the last push of funding campaigns before the holidays! In this installment, Fund This finds a documentary on the gender gap in science and technology, puzzles of Fictional Victorian Charts, artisanal cards that will feed (on) your holiday spirit, and a comic with a strong female protagonist. Happy funding!

Image courtesy of the CODE campaign website.

CODE: DeBugging the Gender Gap

This is one of my top picks this month for funding. The key to changing the gender gap in science and technology is understanding it first. This documentary is trying to do just that. This is a gender, ethnicity, and economic issue that we can’t ignore.

One of the women I work with closely posted this campaign and had this to say (and says it well): “This topic has had a profound effect on my life, but more than that, as a society we can’t afford to lose the contributions of talented scientists and technologists who happen to be minorities. I think most people outside Silicon Valley would be astonished at how unapologetically biased the culture is and how much we all stand to lose because of it.”

Image courtesy of David Malki.

Wondermark’s Jigsaw Puzzles of Fictional Victorian Charts

Is David Malki in my head? I love Victoriana, I love charts, I love satire, and I love puzzles. This would make an amazing gift, if I were actually willing to part with any of them.

Image courtesy of Eric Mersmann.

Cthulhu Letter-Press Printed & Foil Stamped Holiday Cards

Well, I just found my holiday cards. Beautifully designed and artfully made, now all I need is our very own eldritch family photo!

This campaign over, but it gets an honorable mention anyway:

Image courtesy of Alex Ogle.

Infinity Pilot: The Comic Book

Creator Alex Ogle has dreamed up a delicious looking storyline with a strong female lead and interesting action. It features Anna Ki, who is brought back from the dead to pilot the giant infinity robot, Cythor, to save her planet from invasion and annihilation. I like the style, the foreshadowing of a backstory that will prove essential, and the complexity of the subject matter. Looking forward to adding this to my collection! Even though the campaign is over, I thought it was still worth mentioning. Keep an eye out for it!

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