Fund This! Geek Cosmetics, 16th C. Illustrations, and Cleaning up the Ocean!

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This week’s Fund This! brings you restored 16th C. German Longsword illustrations, Geek cosmetics, and what may be the key to solving that not-so-little trash problem we have in our oceans!

Happy Funding!

Image courtesy of Restoration of 16th Century German Longsword Illustrations Kickstarter

Restoration of 16th Century German Longsword Illustrations

I know I am not the only Medieval History nerd out there, but pair it with my interest in engraved illustrations and I am sold. This covers both interests for me, and I think others will be delighted as well. Either you are in these for history, for art technique, or for the significance these images play in European Martial Arts. It is possible you are interested in all three. In any of these cases, you have the opportunity to support a terrific project being done with such careful consideration to technique, and receive a gorgeous print in return. You may also improve your longsword technique.


Image courtesy of Espionage Cosmetics

Nailed It! But Wait…There’s MOAR!

I recently discovered Espionage Cosmetics and my life changed for the better. While I think Jamberry is very cool, my friend (who is a consultant) had to custom make my Doctor Who nail wraps. Espionage, on the other hand, has an entire selection of cosmetics, from nail wraps to eye shadow and more that are made by nerds for nerds. These are my people and they are making me look good. This campaign is to invest in their new line. Baker Street and Mermaid: They will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine. Did I mention these are fan girls making products for fan girls? If there is no other reason to support this campaign, it is that the product comes from people who not only know their audience, they are their audience. And that makes everything about them perfection.


Image courtesy of The Ocean Cleanup campaign

The Ocean Cleanup

You know, kids like this give me hope. We have an enormous problem in our oceans, several of them in fact, and 19-year-old Boyan Slat is poised to make one of the greatest environmental differences of his generation. This campaign provides money for a prototype of his design to start cleaning up the mass whirlpools of trash in our oceans. As I am writing this, he is 93% funded with four days to go. There is nothing I would like to see more than for him to be given the chance to make his (and our) future better. The link above is to the funding website, which also gives a detailed and comprehensive explanation of his plan and the team he is working with.

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