Confessions of a Disney Infinity Figure Hoarder

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Disney 2.0
We never meant for this to happen, and Disney Infinity 2.0’s Marvel line has done nothing but enable our addiction. Image by Lisa Kay Tate.

A little more than year ago, my husband and I were at the mall admiring a Spyro figure from the Skylander video game series, when another couple passing by stopped to warn us to not to “go down that rabbit hole.” They then proceeded to tell us the money pit this game had become for them, the amount of figures their sons had amassed, and the space it has taken up in their home.

“Don’t, seriously don’t, get started on it,” the wife cautioned, and they continued on their way. My husband and I shared a smug, knowing look. We would never let our girls get that carried away in any one game. We were able to dodge the Skylanders bullet, as our girls pursued other fandoms and games. We were also able to ignore the first wave of Disney Infinity, at least until last Christmas. That was when we made the perfectly innocent decision to purchase the starter pack as a gift for both our girls, as well as the Frozen and Lone Ranger sets.

Then somewhere along the way, we ignited the funky bomb of Disney Infinity figure purchasing. It started with the need to get all The Incredibles and Pirates of the Caribbean figures. It didn’t seem right to have Sully without Mike, and soon Randal was purchased to complete the Monsters University set. All of the Radiator Springs gang soon followed, as well as Toy Story, and the individual “world-less” figures like Rapunzel, Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope, Jack Skellington, and, of course, Mickey Mouse. Somehow we managed to avoid the entire Phineas and Ferb set, although our older daughter keeps hinting it sure would be fun to “build that roller coaster.”

What has happened to us? It is as if we have become the “crazy cat lady” of playable video game statuettes. They overflow from what we thought was a plenty big plastic storage box, and they take up more and more space around the entertainment area in the living room. Some have even become permanent home decor. Should I even mention the trading card-like need to collect every power disc bearing supplemental abilities, vehicles, and backgrounds?

We decided to renew our resolve so that this character hoarding would not be the case when Disney Infinity 2.0 came out, but the Marvel/Disney marriage soon began to blossom. When it was first announced that the next wave of Disney Infinity would be Marvel intensive, I knew we were in trouble.

Our intentions for 2.0 were good, I assure you, as we begin paving our little road to the hell of fan-driven hyper-consumerism.

It is possible to just purchase this game’s the starter kit, and embark on a grand adventure. After all, it came with all those tempting fan trappings like Toy Box game discs, web code cards, and a collectible poster. Whee!

But, who wants to stop there?

We reserved our starter pack, with Thor, Black Widow, Iron Man, and The Avengers playable world piece, which granted us a free extra figure from the store (Nick Fury). All we knew is we were planning on rounding out The Avengers. That would be it for our initial purchase.

When Sept. 23rd rolled around, my girls were already giddy for the game, but it wasn’t for The Avengers–they wanted Gamora, Star-Lord, Rocket Racoon, Drax, and Groot–yes, we “had to get Groot!”

That morning, I was fortunate to have a light work load, so I headed to a different store from where we pre-ordered The Avengers to get the entire Guardians of the Galaxy set, as they were hosting a 2.0 launch special. I got there so early I had to wait for them to actually find the figures in the back. It was then I realized I did, indeed, need to be at my boss’s office to do some editing, and sped off with my first big purchase of the day.  I was so distracted thinking about what else we needed to purchase for the set, I neglected to slow down in time to miss the neighborhood speed trap. As a happy little motorcycle cop who looked suspiciously like Patton Oswalt gave me a ticket and a frienly “drive safely” reminder, I could feel the little Rocket Racoon figure in the passenger seat look up at me in shame.

That evening, when we made the family trek for The Avengers starter set, we noticed the little Nick Fury figure was intended for the Spider-Man world. Uh-oh. Two more stores and one gift card later we headed home with every currently available figure in the new line.

The ability for potential cross-over adventures made it hard not to get more than one set of figures. Image by Lisa Kay Tate

The addictive quality of Disney Infinity 2.0 is that it is just so much fun to play, and we want to play nearly every character in the series.

Like the first series, it is completely family-friendly, combining the creative free-style elements of Minecraft that allow players to build, collect, and play in their own customized environments. However, the individual worlds are so much more challenging and fun than the first series. Cosmo (the canine leader of Knowhere) plays a large part in the Guardians of the Galaxy world, and Ms. Marvel makes an appearance in The Avengers‘ adventures.

Figures from one world can cross-over into others once certain challenges have been met, so Nick Fury can play in the Guardians of the Galaxy world, after all. The characters’ “skill trees” that show their different abilities are easy to keep track, and all their “powers” and “skills” are a blast to play. It’s easy to get distracted just swinging around with Spider-Man or flying with Iron Man.

This is where it is a problem.

In just one day, we accumulated the starter kit, two 2-figure play sets, eight individual Marvel figures, and six packets of power discs. Even with taking advantage of unused gift cards, and specials from different stores, this was around $210 in little stylized figures. That is really way too much to take in all at once, yet we did it like the great big suckers we are. I would venture we weren’t the only ones to do this. At least I hope not.

I’m trying not to think of the fact that with November comes the arrival of Merida–my girls’ favorite Pixar character whom I am reminded “could play with Hawkeye”–Donald, Stitch, Tinker Bell, Maleficent, Hiro, and Baymax, as well as others, I might have neglected to name.

As for our Avengers set, only The Hulk is left. He’ll be released on his own in late October, so there will only be one figure for us to purchase that day.

“Thank goodness we’re almost at the end of this one,” I told my husband, once we unboxed the parade of little Marvel heroes and villains and were stuffing our little recycling bin with enough discarded cardboard packaging to resemble Christmas morning.

“Hey, are we planning on getting the Star Wars wave that’s supposed to come out next year,” he asked.

“The what?”

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18 thoughts on “Confessions of a Disney Infinity Figure Hoarder

  1. Great story! Very well written and so entertaining. I’m happy you and your family are enjoying the game together, that’s what it’s all about. I’ll be forwarding this one around the studio! -Thomas Estrada, Disney Infinity Animator

    1. Thanks Scott.
      We like the fact it isn’t a “kid game” or a teen or adult…it is “family.” Everyone can enjoy it, and that is rare beast, but a much appreciated one, in video games today.

  2. At our house, we buy new characters to celebrate every special occasion. When you need a box or bag to store your characters, you know you’ve got it bad. Loved the humor in our article. We’ll be watching for those Star Wars characters!

  3. I too have fallen into the collectible figure trap, first with Skylanders and then with Infinity. I am really lobbying to sell off the Skylanders so that we can concentrate on Infinity!

    Am I correct in thinking that you can still only play 2 people at a time? With a 5 person family, that is the only drawback I see to the games

    1. Sadly, yes. Only two at a time. I’d love to see a home or online version where all the Avengers can play at once. *sigh*

  4. Our family is in the same boat having collected every single figure, all playsets, and all but six power discs (thanks to the blind packs). I also managed to skip the crystal figures from ToysRUs as they only offer a slight experience gain increase. Now that Disney Infinity 3.0 has been unveiled, I just look at my current collection and think where will Anakin, Ahsoka, Yoda, Darth Vader, Leia, Olaf and the rest of the figures go? You start to realize how many plastic figures you hav lying around and you question the obvious if you will have room for all that want. Well at least there shouldn’t be anything big franchise for Disney Infinity next year, right?

    1. Thanks for the comments Nick,
      I haven’t heard anything yet, but I wouldn’t be surprise to see an Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Ultron, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver join the ranks. Let’s hope I didn’t put any ideas in their heads
      But yes, we will be adding the Star Wars collection to our hoard. You have my full empathy, there.

  5. good news all the disc cost nearly what all the figures would cost series 1 is $40 series 2 $70 series 3 $120 marvel and originals $150 each thats $530 not including the toys r us disc i am lucky i have every disc already lol

  6. oh and dont forget they havent made harry potter figures or any x-men or street fighter figures they also still have lion king figures they can make all the rest of the disney chars and they have kingdom hearts they could roll out as well as tarzan mulan atlantis soon it will snow ball into final fantasy figures and naruto figures disney is buying up every permission they can to crush nintendo look forward to pokemon becoming a disney logo product soon

  7. Just found this blog after searching “storage ideas for Disney Infinity Figures” and had to leave a comment. Our 5 yr old discovered Disney Infinity just last week and as luck would have it all the games (1.0, 2.0 and 3.0) and figures are being discontinued. We’ve amassed almost an entire collection of these figures for all 3 versions of the game in about a week’s time since they are on clearance just about everywhere. I keep telling myself it’s justified since we got it all at fire-sale least it will keep her busy during these cold winter days when getting outside isn’t an option. I’m glad to hear it wasn’t just us even though we’re about 3 years or so late.

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