Disney On Ice Presents: Frozen

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Disney On Ice presents Frozen  Image: Field Entertainment
Disney On Ice presents Frozen Image: Field Entertainment

Disney On Ice Presents: Frozen is one of the hottest events to hit the ice in a long time. With Frozen being the highest grossing Disney film of all time, it’s no wonder that it was turned into an ice show so soon after its release. As it turns out, the show was in planning before Frozen debuted last December.

Joining Elsa and Ana in their adventure was a cast of 37 performers ranging from ages 18 to 46 and representing 11 countries.

The Disney characters in attendance were all from stories about love and friendship. I was pleasantly surprised that Field Entertainment chose to include characters from stories of love between friends as well as a few from romantic love. In addition to the Disney Princesses, we also had the brotherly love of Buzz Lightyear and Woody, family love of Nemo, Dory and Marlin, as well as Timon and Pumba in attendance.

It took my son a few minutes to warm up to the show, but once he did, he was dancing in his seat and chasing snowflakes as they fell from the ceiling. His favorite character was Olaf and he did not disappoint in his antics.

The costumes were beautiful and thanks to our front row seats, I was able to see a lot of Elsa’s hand painted silk chiffon dress she worn during her Ice Queen scenes.

My favorite part wasn’t any particular character, but how the characters were portrayed. Sven was a two performer team and he had as much personality as he did in the movie. Olaf’s antics had special effects to them that added to his portrayal. The snow monster’s appearance surprised everyone and from the audience’s reaction, I think he was well enjoyed.

If you are going to a show with little ones expecting a souvenir, dolls and such start at $12.00, with Sven costing $32.00. They had an Olaf figure for $16.00 that caught my eye, but then I remembered how many comic books I could get for that and I put him back.

It’s safe to say that by the end of Frozen on Ice, my family didn’t want to “let it go” and head home. I could have watched it all night, but will have to be satisfied with the photos and video I was able to take.

Disney On Ice Presents: Frozen is on tour for 2014 – 2015 and will be making the rounds to 37 cities nationwide. For ticket pricing and tour date information, head over to Disney On Ice website.

Disclaimer: GeekMom attended a media night for this event. 

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