The Story of How the Creeper Backpack Joined Our Family

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One day, while taking a trip through the woods, I heard a hissing sound. (All images by: Post Family)
I stopped and listened. “What could that be?” I pondered.
When I turned around, I saw a little green creature staring at me.
“Hiss?” it asked.
As I looked at the little creature I wondered what all he could do. He seemed like such a talented little guy!


My daydreaming was cut short when a black creature I hadn’t seen at first made eye contact with me and started hitting me.
“Ouch!” I said, and quickly grabbed my new green friend and hurried home.
Once I got home, I realized that my new green friend wasn’t alive, but was in fact, a backpack named Creeper. “Silly me,” I said as I tried to figure out what uses the little guy could have.
The backpack seemed to be sturdy. It would take a spontaneous combustion to damage the bag.
The seams are sturdy and reinforced with additional fabric over the top.
Creeper is also very well padded. The back has multiple layers of padding (I’m guessing around a half inch), and the layer in between the back and middle portions is padded, too. Plus, the “feet” add some cushion on the bottom (at first I thought all of those animals in the forest were feeding him too much, but no).
As it turns out, all of that padding does a pretty darn good job of protecting school books. Also, with more schools assigning tablet devices to students, this backpack does a great job of protecting the devices from breaking quite so easily if the bag is dropped instead of being set down. Though my 17″ laptop didn’t fit in the bag, a 10″ device and a 7″ device both fit as seen in the image.
It has three zipper compartments.
Foam Feet
The middle one holds a covered foam-ish block that holds the form of the Creeper’s feet.
Full backpack
The bag holds a lot. As you can see, several games could fit in the backpack. I was able to fit: Get Bit, Dixit Jinx, Happy Birthday, 2 Story Cubes sets, 2 Munchkin sets, Zombie Dice, Family Flux, and my favorite Geek Mom and Geek Dad project books all in this bag. There was still room for more!
The kids were going to fight over him.
But eventually, my son ended up earning his companionship.
If you want to adopt a Creeper backpack for the coming school year, visit ThinkGeek.

(Adoption cost through ThinkGeek is $39.99)

GeekMom received a review sample for the purpose of this review.

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