A New Peek At Guardians of the Galaxy

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Image: Marvel Studios

A lot of us felt the same way when we saw the first small snippets of Guardians of the Galaxy thumping along to “Hooked on a Feeling”: This will either be hilarious, or the worst thing that’s happened to a comic book lately.

After seeing Marvel’s 17-minute “First Look” special in IMAX 3D on Monday, I can say I feel pretty confident that it’s the former.

In Monday’s sneak peek in theaters, we got to see a lengthy scene in which the team–Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot (I am Groot!)–gets processed into jail and what happens after their arrival. I’m no longer concerned that we’ve seen all the best bits in the trailers. My one and only worry is that while “I am Groot!” is still funny right now, it could get overused. And he eats his boogers flowers. But that’s just funny. Groot is actually a much richer character than I suspected he would come across on screen, and I’m looking forward to more Star-Lord vs. Rocket verbal sniping punctuated by Gamora’s snark.

The 17-minute IMAX special included this new extended look, which I have to say, actually was pretty amazing in IMAX 3D. And I’ve had “Cherry Bomb” stuck in my head ever since:

If you haven’t already, start listening to the Spotify playlist of Star-Lord’s mixtape. It’s a fantastic summer soundtrack. (You’ll be able to purchase it as the movie’s soundtrack album on July 29.) Click the play button below to open it in Spotify.

Guardians of the Galaxy (PG-13) will be released in the US on August 1.

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