Sweet Pix Quick App: Mounted Photos in a Week

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Photo via Sweet Pix Quick

Photos are great gifts, especially for life’s special occasions. I tried out the Sweet Pix Quick iOS app with the idea of ordering something for my son’s upcoming graduation from high school.

How does it work?

1. Download the free Sweet Pix Quick app from the App store.

2. Import your photo stream into the app.

3. Pick either four or six photos to be mounted. Crop each photo as you go. At the end, pay $49 to place the order.

4. The mounted boards arrive in a week.

So, given all the services that can make your photos into posters, put them on mugs, or shirts, or make copies, what makes this one different?

For me, it’s the end product. The six 6X6″ boards weigh only a few ounces, and yet they’re sturdy, perfect for mounting in a kid’s bedroom or in a college dorm room. The photos I picked for my son were all events he’d done with us or his friends, plus his favorite cat.

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The mounted photos for my son. Shush. He hasn’t seen them yet. (Yes, that’s the Nostalgic Critic. in the middle left image.)

In many ways, this is like making an old fashioned collage but I didn’t have to go find the right frame with the right number of windows or resize the photos.

There were a few glitches. It wasn’t easy to navigate back in app once I’d started picking the photos and I noticed if I closed the app, it didn’t save my changes. But this a convenient way to commemorate a family event. For instance, next week I’m headed to Special Edition New York Comic Con with my youngest son. At the end of the con, I could pick the best photos, pay Sweet Pix Quick, and have a set in hand before a week had passed.

GeekMom received the Sweet Pix photos for review purposes.

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