Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Takes on Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Pretty Deadly

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Image: Image Comics
Image: Image Comics

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is known for the incredible scents it creates to evoke the characters and locations of all your favorite fandoms. What makes all their scents so special is that they’re truly unlike anything you’ll find in a store. Check out this description of one of their new Pretty Deadly scents for the character Alice:

Bourbon geranium emboldened by the rich scent of aged patchouli, the sweetness of peach, raspberry leaf, and bourbon vanilla, surrounded by a butterfly swarm of spicy carnation and Italian bergamot.

A butterfly swarm of spicy carnation and Italian bergamot? I don’t even know what that means, but I do know what it smells like because I had the good fortune of receiving the Pretty Deadly line so I could experience them for myself.

I’m someone who once wore perfume every single day and happily opened more than one overpriced bottle for Christmas. But somehow, over the years, I simply stopped wearing perfume. It likely happened somewhere in those blurry days when you have an infant that keeps you up all night. Forget putting on perfume. It was all I could do to remember to put on pants.

Those days are long gone and I always remember my pants, but I never got back into the habit of wearing perfume. Until these samples came along.

Now, it’s not really fair to call these perfumes because they’re actually 5 ml vials of scented oils. Unscrew the top and the air is immediately filled with the scent of, well, a butterfly swarm of spicy carnation and Italian bergamot.

They’re combinations you wouldn’t expect–sometimes rich, sometimes mild, sometimes flowery, and sometimes spicy, but always amazing. The Pretty Deadly line features Alice, Molly, Beauty, Sissy, Sarah, Lily, and Ginny, each developed to uniquely capture the personalities of the characters.

Whether you love perfumes and oils, or are thinking of giving them a try, there’s bound to be a scent from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab that suits your every mood.

I received samples of these products for review.

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