Cakes Cove Giveaway: Win a Chocolate Millennium Falcon, X-Wings, and Star Wars Cookies!

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Chocolate Millennium Falcon, Image: Cakes Cove

There’s been a lot of hype about the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII film as casting rumors become fact and the first images emerge from the set. We even got a video sneak peek at the set with J.J. Abrams and a creature of some unknown but very cool origins. The movie cannot get here fast enough, but we all still have to wait until its release in December 2015. To help pass the time, I’ve got some fantastic Star Wars chocolate treats to give away to one lucky reader!

The amazingly talented Samantha Anderson of Cakes Cove makes some of the most wonderfully nerdy cakes and confections that you will ever eat. Star Wars, Star Trek, Portal, and Mass Effect are just a few of the fandoms that have been turned into treats by Anderson who is up for whatever kind of custom creation you can imagine.

I can image quite a bit, so she’s created the perfect Star Wars giveaway for those of us who would like access to a time travel device, possibly a blue box or a DeLorean, just long enough to zip ahead to December 2015 and see the movie.

single cookies 2
Image: Cakes Cove

You’ll get one large Millennium Falcon chocolate, three X-Wing chocolates, and six Star Wars cookies in the flavor of your choice. You can even pick exactly what characters you want on your cookies. These are all handmade and the chocolates even feature hand-painted details.

To enter, just head on over to my Total Fan girl blog and you could win some delicious Star Wars treats.

Thanks for entering, good luck, and May the Force Be With You!

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