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SuperHero Outfits for a Super Hero Mom  Images: Dakster Sullivan
SuperHero outfits for a superhero mom. All images by Dakster Sullivan.

This year at Megacon, I had the opportunity to check out some great items from SuperHeroStuff.com. My favorite item was a Batman shirt. Even though it was in a men’s cut, it fit me great and could pass for a ladies’ shirt.

I’ve had some time to wear each piece and wash them a few times. As usual, the quality holds up great. The shirts do shrink a little, so I would buy one size up to make sure it still fits when you take it out of the dryer.

Since Mother’s Day is right around the corner, I decided to head to SuperHeroStuff.com and with the help of Polyvore, put together some outfits for mom that I’m sure she will love (I know I love them).

First Up is Batman!

BatmanBatman is by far one of my favorite superheroes. I don’t know if it’s all of his “wonderful toys,” his great one-liners when talking to Superman, or the fact that he has one of the best animated series of all time.

My choice shirt for this outfit is the “Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman.” men’s shirt ($22). Yes. I know it’s a men’s shirt, but this one really does fit more like a ladies’ cut than a men’s cut, so you’re fine. To give it a little bling, I like the Batman symbol bling studs ($12), which are made from a zinc alloy. If you would prefer to get mom something made with surgical steel, check out the Batman black die-cut earrings instead ($9). As for mom’s credit cards (you know, that plastic thing she’s always buying you stuff with), get her the Batman symbol ladies speaker wallet ($29).  For the belt, I like the yellow Batman signal belt ($15).

Batman: Earth One by Geoff Johns is one of my favorite Dark Knight origin stories and will give mom a chance to read about Batman taking out the Gotham City trash while you do the same in the kitchen (hint…hint…). While you’re at it, how about you play Alfred for the day and wait on her hand and foot?

Next Up is the Man of Steel Himself: Superman!

SupermanThe costume backpack is my favorite part of this outfit, because it has a lot of fun features like a costume belt and cape, so you can show everyone how super mom really is. The main compartment is large enough to fit my new HP Envy Touchsmart laptop with room to spare.

This Superman shirt is my favorite ($24.99) because it’s simple and I can pair it with a black blazer to dress it up a little. Of course, if this T-shirt doesn’t suit you, SuperHeroStuff has a ton of other ladies’ cut shirts to choose from.

The Superman iPhone case is also a wallet and has a special place for cash and credit cards (also known as that plastic thing mom uses to buy you stuff).

My comic book pick for this outfit is Superman: Birthright by Mark Waid. This is one of my favorite Superman origin stories ($15.99 on Amazon). While mom is reading about the Man of Steel, why don’t you show her what a superhero you are and pick up after her for a change?

HulkTime for a Little Hulk SMASH!

She-Hulk just debuted in her own solo series, and what better way to celebrate than with a smashing outfit to read it in. Of all the She-Hulk shirts ($24) on SuperHeroStuff.com, I like this one the best because of the colors and the style.

To complete the ensemble, the Hulk messenger bag ($30) and matching wallet ($25) will make sure mom is carrying her stuff in style. The radioactive earrings ($9) are made of surgical stainless steel and will add that final awesome touch.

My comic book of choice for this outfit is, of course, She-Hulk by Dan Slot ($25). While mom reads about the coolest lawyer in the Marvel universe, how about you pledge to rid the house of dust bunnies?

GI Joe MomG.I Joe Mom! 

G.I Joe isn’t just for the guys, though the clothing selection might make it seem otherwise. To be honest, I had a hard time finding something that would work, but I found it in the Cobra Commander shirt ($20). This shirt is a men’s cut, but if you get the right size, it will fit mom just fine.

The bag is brought to you by Ogio and is available on Amazon for $41.

Make sure you pick up G.I Joe: Origins Vol. 1 ($16)  to stick in mom’s bag! It’s a nice intro to the characters and will give her a break from the running around that she does for you all day. To make this an extra special gift, while she’s reading, pick up a broom (the thing with a handle and big bristles at the bottom) and do a little cleaning. When she’s done reading, she will really appreciate your help.

Last but Not Least, the Flash!

The FlashAny mom that’s a fan of the scarlet speedster will love this one, complete with matching belt ($15) and black bag with swag buttons ($6). The hat ($28) comes in different sizes and there’s also a ladies’ cut shirt ($24) . The black Ogio bag that I paired with the G.I. Joe outfit above would also go great with this outfit. 

My Flash comic book pick is The Flash New 52: Vol. 1 ($9.99 on Amazon). To make this gift extra special, take a turn at the laundry and let mom use the time she would be folding your jeans to read a good book.

If you’re interested in checking out SuperHeroStuff.com in person, they will be at these upcoming conventions:

C2E2 – 4/25/14
Phoenix Comicon – 6/5/14
Denver Comic Con – 6/13/14
Wizard World Philly – 6/19/14
Wizard World Chicago – 8/21/14
Salt Lake Comic Con – 9/4/14
New York Comic Con – 10/9/14
Stan Lee’s Comikaze – 11/1/14

If you stop by, tell Brian that Dakster says hi!

GeekMom received a few of these items for review purposes.

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