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Hängen Wall Planter, sub-irrigation planter, modern houseplant design,
Rosemary thriving in a Hängen Wall Planter (

Hängen Wall Planter. Sub-irrigation planters provide water from the bottom, allowing plants to wick water upward through capillary action as needed. It’s a smart way to raise healthy plants with minimal fuss since plants maintain the moisture levels they need, from water-loving to arid. Opus Garten reimagines this method with a sleek functional design that’s easy to use.

The Hängen Wall Planter employs a unique quick-release ball and cord cable system with a marine-grade Kevlar to hang plants on the wall where kids and pets can’t get to them. Its two chambers are constructed out of recyclable, durable, BPA-free materials with an outer resevoir that won’t sweat, drip, or mold.

Use it indoors or out to grow ornamentals, herbs, or vegetables. We think it’s perfect to grow tender plants like radishes, lettuce, green onions, even edible flowers for a pick-your-own-salad planter.

asexual reproduction, plant propagation, Rootcup,
Plant propagation, re-imagined with Rootcup. (

RootcupThe cheapest hack for growing plants is propagation (or go ahead, call it asexual reproduction), meaning you root cuttings from an herb, houseplant, shrub, or tree. It’s not as easy as it sounds. That’s because roots need to be immersed in water and protected from light while new leaves must stay above water. These issues are elegantly solved by Rootcup. It keeps roots happy in the dark while letting leaves emerge into light above the water. The lid’s shape captures evaporation so the cuttings need little attention. Fungus and mold won’t stick to the product’s elastomer, and with each reuse the entire Rootcup can be sterilized in boiling water or in the dishwasher. Plus there’s no condensation or leakage. You can also use Rootcup to force bulbs and start plants from pits.

Rootcup provides an entry point to urban gardening for some people. It helps others propagate valuable plants or those that have sentimental meaning, as one customer did to grow an apple tree cutting from a grandparent’s property. And the design is so ingenious that they’re sold by UnCommonGoods as well as by San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art. Find handy propagation tips on the Rootcup grow page.

Tillandsia, airplant nest,
Tillandsia as functional wall design. (

Airplant Nest. Tillandsia are epiphytes that need no soil or maintenance because they absorb moisture and nutrients from the air. They’re hands-down the easiest plants for your home. Opus Garten created Airplant Nests with flexible fingers to gently hold Tillandsia indoors or outdoors. Add green to your walls in any design you choose.

To get a 20 percent discount on your Opus Garten order, use coupon code “wiredmom“. It’s good right up to Mother’s Day! 

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