Wear A Bow Tie Day and Other Wholidays

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Everyone is encouraged to don a cool bow tie today in honor of the Eleventh Doctor. All images by Lisa Kay Tate.

“April 3 is Wear A Bow Tie Day. I’m wearing mine to school tomorrow!”

My 11-year-old informed me of this right after dinner, reminding me there is a new fan-created day to remember The Eleventh Doctor.

As it turns out, Whovians around the world are encouraged to wear a bow tie today in memory of the reign of the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith), and the date “The Eleventh Hour” was broadcast for the first time. My daughter was more than eager to participate in this one.

In addition, April 3 is also the Fish Fingers and Custard Day, in celebration this first full appearance of the Eleventh Doctor. Fans are invited to feast on Eleven’s favorite treat that day, preferably while wearing bow tie, I would imagine.

Just to get in the spirit, here are five more dates concocted by and intended for true Whovians:

tally marks•  April 23: Silent Days (also known as  Impossible Astronaut Day ). The date of The Doctor’s death is supposedly April 22, and the first time The Silents appeared on television was April 23.  Whovians are encouraged to place tally marks on their skin, visible for other people to see on either of these days….but not tell anyone else why they have them. This day was apparently a “hush-hush” event so no non-Whovians could be in on the joke, but thanks to social media, that didn’t last too long.

• May 7: Black Spot Day. This is the day the Eleventh Doctor’s “Curse of the Black Spot” first aired, and Whovians are encouraged to draw a block spot on their palm to celebrate.

• June 11: Bad Wolf Day. The penultimate Ninth Doctor episode, “Bad Wolf” first aired on this day, and fans should mark this date by writing “Bad Wolf” on slips of paper to post around, or in chalk on sidewalks or in other public venues (legally, of course). No permanent graffiti is encouraged. Note, this celebration has been held on different days in June.

Some of the many reasons Whovians have to celebrate their fandom.

• November 23: TARDIS Day (also called Doctor Who Day). This is the “official” unofficial Doctor Who holiday (or Wholiday). It’s the date in which the very first episode of Doctor Who aired, introducing the world to The Doctor, his companions, and the Time and Relative Dimensions in Space (TARDIS). This is the time when Whovians celebrate their fandom with everything from watching parties to gift swaps.

• December 21: International Dalek Remembrance Day. This commemorates the date in 1963 when The Doctor’s most recognizable (and somehow beloved) villains and heartless killing machines first appeared on-screen. Whovians are urged to talk like Daleks, mention Daleks whenever they can, and toss around the word “exterminate!” as much as possible.

Last year, fans also celebrated a “Dalek Day” on August 8, on what would have been the birthday of Dalek creator Terry Nation, who passed away earlier that year.

So, bust out that bow tie, warm up the fish fingers, and mark the calendar for the rest of the year. After all, a Time Lord with more than 900 years of adventure has many opportunities to celebrate.

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11 thoughts on “Wear A Bow Tie Day and Other Wholidays

    1. What I’ve found:
      May 31: River Song Day (not sure what to do, call everyone “Sweetie” I guess).
      Aug. 1: Empty Child Day (change Facebook picture to empty child and name to “Are You My Mummy?”)
      Aug. 24: Pompeii Day (paint “eyes of the soothsayer” on the back or your hands).
      Sept. 16: Remember Donna Day (write DoctorDonna on your hand to remember her heroism, even if she can’t).
      I’m sure there’s plenty more out there…

    2. okay so i have found that march 30 is national Clara day
      March 15 is national K-9 day
      April 6 is Raxacoricofallapatorius independence day
      march 17 is national judoon day
      and november 20 is nation regeneration day

      1. “wholidays” does not work. Use Dr Who Holidays, which was how I found this website.

  1. and also 1/1 for the first doctor 2/2 for the second 3/3 for the third and so on

    so the 11 doctor is on 11/11

    1. Cool. Thanks for sharing these!
      (My husband’s birthday is 9/9…so I can celebrate my favorite doctor on that day, too!)

  2. Thanks. That’s a tricky one. There was a June 3 celebration in 2013, plus I have seen them on both the days you’ve listed, but the one this year is June 18. You are correct, the actual air date was June 11, but from what I’ve seen the celebrations tend to jump around.

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