Rap Contest: Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”

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The Raven rap contest, poetry rap,
Once upon a midnight dreary, (CC by 2.0 Jim Bahn)

“The Raven” is the best known of Edgar Allan Poe’s masterful poems. All that “nearly napping” and “gently rapping” build Gothically dark passages that make “nevermore” a haunting refrain. The poem was such a public hit when published that Poe attracted people wherever he went, adults begging him to recite a few verses and children flapping their arms like birds.

Now Project ED has teamed up with the Academy of American Poets in a contest called Rhythm and the Raven.  Contestants ages 13 and up are challenged to rap, sing, or recite at least the first six verses of the poem. Finalist will be featured on Poetry Genius and two top prizes will be awarded, one for youth and one for adults, both worth 1,500 dollars. Videos must be submitted by Thursday, March 20th.

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