13 Things That Change When You Go From Geek Girl to Geek Mom

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It’s obvious that everything changes when a newborn baby is welcomed into your world. But for geek-girls-turned-geek-moms, there are some unique changes and challenges in store. (But don’t worry—that’s what GeekMom is here for!)

  • You learn to shriek quietly at The Walking Dead, because you become the walking dead if you wake the baby.
  • Your idea of a movie marathon is when you get to finish a two hour movie.
  • Midnight screening? More like midnight screaming.
  • You keep “marathoning” the same episode of Battlestar Galactica over and over because you forgot you’ve already seen it.
  • You think one season of Firefly is binge watching? Just wait until you get through 45 seasons of Sesame Street.
  • You stop quoting along with Labyrinth JUST IN CASE the Goblin King might really show up.
  • You used to wear your Mass Effect N7 hoodie to show off your Spectre street cred. Now you wear it to hide your unwashed hair because you haven’t showered in three days.
  • You become a master at typing while holding a baby in one arm.
  • You’ve spent years lovingly collecting and organizing the books on your bookshelves. After your toddler gets her hands on them, your books go from “alphabetical” or “genre” to “floor.”
  • Your Benedict Cumberbatch pinning sessions turn into birthday-party-planning pinning sessions. (But with some Benedict pins thrown in, let’s be real.)
  • The Star Wars toys you’ve been holding on to for 20 years are actually played with. And you don’t mind one bit.
  • You start geeking out about first smiles, first laughs, and first steps.
  • You become part of a special fandom that’s unlike any other: You are your child’s biggest fan.


What else changed for you when you went from geek girl to geek mom? Let geek moms-to-be know what’s in store in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “13 Things That Change When You Go From Geek Girl to Geek Mom

  1. * I swore I would never let my young child stay up too late. I found that rule can be changed the instant his sweet little voice says, “Mama, can we PLEASE watch one more Star Trek?”
    * I find myself tearing up over Lego creations. (First racecar was this week!)
    * We don’t get though half the TV we used to since the “We eat dinner at the table without the TV on” rule came into being with our first child. The adventures he shares over dinner are sometimes even more entertaining, though.
    * I have to start wearing actual nightclothes. However, I love it when I wear my Supergirl night shirt, and he runs around the house yelling “Save me, SuperMama!” resulting in tackles and tickles. Cosplay that’s serious play.
    * I had to dial back on some of my music choices in the car. However, They Might Be Giants’ “Here comes SCIENCE!” fully makes up for it. Especially as a sing-along.

  2. -When your 3 year old is asked “What do you want to be when you grow up, a policeman or fireman” and his response is “Iron Man”.
    -No, that’s mommy’s Firefly ornament, NOT a toy!
    -No, that’s daddy’s Enterprise model, NOT a toy!
    -No, that’s mommy’s SDCC My Little Pony, NOT a toy!
    -When you refer to his Build a Bear as The Doctor because it has two hearts inside.
    -You have baby pictures of him teething on Cthulhu.

  3. -the first time he recognized and said Yoda and I about burst with pride
    – He walks around with a Darth Vader mask on mimicking the Darth breathing
    – for 2 days he insisted on wearing his Spider-Man mask everywhere
    – He asked to go to the comic book store
    – watching him carefully flip through his very first comic, intently looking at each page. Little man is 2

  4. My kids are 19 and 14 now. When they were little:

    The weekend pass to the con became a day pass for an afternoon visit
    The extent of my cosplay was halloween costumes from the store
    I stopped seeing everyone movie that came out and started reading reviews of Movie Mom to make sure movies were appropriate
    The V chip in our tv became our best friend

    Now that they are older, the geek girl is back. I run programming for cons, host steampunk events and I’ve raised two geeks who often put adult geeks to shame in their specific fandoms. You do eventually get your life back ladies. And when you do, you have more geeks to play with.

  5. Watching her get excited playing with a Dalek toy.
    Flipping out over Totoro.
    Wanting to play Disney princesses and Monsters Inc. equally.
    Running around the house pretending to be Super Grover and Spiderman.
    Getting her to say” na na na na na, Batman!” especially when she wears her Batman shirt.
    She has Wonder Woman jammies.
    She wants to play with any controller.
    She loves going to the Comic shop even though she can’t read, (almost 2).

  6. Great post (the typing with a baby is so true)!
    For me, one of the biggest changes was all my silly fandoms became fresh and new through new eyes with whom I could share my interests.

    Also, I realized how much all these things pale comparison to my great little gals!

    Thanks for a fun, true read.

  7. Everything that was once a collectible is definitely now a toy! And I had to laugh about the Labyrinth mention because SO many times I wanted to shout those words…but I refrained.
    My main changes are – I don’t wear 10 inch stack boots for cosplay anymore because I can’t bend down to pick up my son, my cosplays all got suddenly family friendly and I don’t get to see the nightlife side of the conventions at all. No after-parties for me for the past four years!
    And I’d gotten out of gaming in my 20’s but now it’s suddenly back in my life and we are playing them together which is fun 🙂

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