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Comic Book Corner- Capt. Marvel, a new LGBT series, X-Files & Sandman

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Captain Marvel #1
Captain Marvel #1 (Skottie Young Variant) © Marvel Comics

Happy Comic Release Day! Welcome to another installment of GeekMom Comic Book Corner, where we recap our adventures in comics for the week. This week I check out Living with Death and interview writer Glenn Machett on his storyline choices for the LGBT murder mystery, Lisa checks out Attack on Titan, Kelly goes cosmic with Captain Marvel, Sophie continues her quest through The X-Files: Conspiracy, and Corrina reminds readers a new Gaiman Sandman comic is out.

Dakster Sullivan — Living with Death: Murder at Oxford #1 by Glenn Matchett and Alan Anguiano

Living with Death #1  Image Grayhaven Comics
Living with Death #1 Image Grayhaven Comics

Living with Death: Murder at Oxford #1 is a thrilling ride with an interesting female lead. The story takes place after an LGBT student is murdered and another student, Stephanie, takes on the responsibility of solving her murder. I’ve worked with the writer, Glenn Matchett, on two other Grayhaven projects and was eager to check this story out. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed and really enjoyed the story with all the suspense and mystery it came with. Glenn was kind enough to answer some of the questions I had about the story and gave some insight as to why he chose the characters and their background for this story.

GeekMom: Why did you chose to have it be a LGBT couple that was targeted and what was the reasoning behind the victim being strangled verses another means of murder?
GlennM: For the LGBT couple I needed a logic that Stephanie could pursue as regards to motivation for the murder that would have a strong possibility but was entirely wrong. She’s seeing it on the surface but nothing beyond that and that was where Jenna adds value to her. Jenna doesn’t just see a lesbian couple who might be a victim of a hate crime, she just sees a couple.

Well the fact that the killer strangles Georgia is a big part of the eventual resolution so good question. I also knew I wanted that shot of the murder to be the opening page and thought this horrible image of someone being strangled would be a good attention grabber, especially with Stephanie’s clinical observations as a stark contrast.

GM: Did you incorporate any of yourself in the story?
GlennM: Not really. Your first audience member is yourself so I wanted to write something I might enjoy reading. I’ve definitely on a subconscious level based Jenna on my wife. I’m sure there is a lot of me in there but I didn’t really set to do that on purpose.

GM: The file about Stephanie has my interest peaked. She seems to be the type that wants to help someone else achieve justice because she never received it. How close am I to her origins?
GlennM: Good guess but no. More on Steph’s back story in issue 2.

GM: What is the timeline to get issue #2 in our hands and what kinds of things can we expect out of it?
GlennM: Living With Death has a new artist so I want to make sure they have plenty of time to work. I’m hoping September at the latest, If we can do earlier then we will. In issue 2? More on Steph’s background, a rough confrontation and one drink too many 🙂

Due to a change in artist, the next issue is tentatively scheduled to be released in September. Stay tuned to Grayhaven’s website and Facebook page for updates!

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Sophie Brown — The X-Files: Conspiracy #2 by Paul Crilley and John Stanisci

X-Files Conspiracy #2  Image: IDW Publishing
X-Files Conspiracy #2 Image: IDW Publishing

IDW’s The X-Files: Conspiracy event draws to a conclusion this week with issue #2, technically the sixth book in the series.

The Gunmen have been out collecting samples over the last six weeks and now we see them teaming back up with Agent Scully at the CDC. This has been a Gunmen-centric arc, but with it still being an X-Files series it’s good to have Scully back at the forefront of things and in full Doctor/Scientist mode. It has to be said however that she’s remarkably accepting of samples that claim to belong to a half-human/half-reptile and an alien robot. Of course in classic sci-fi style there is a vaccine being produced within just a few hours. Agent Mulder is also back and doing what he does best: sneaking around apparently derelict buildings, stumbling upon things he was never supposed to see, getting shot at, and generally being sarcastic about the whole situation.

But saving the world is never easy and soon the Gunmen are back to helping Mulder and Scully by using a smartphone app to detect a bomb (yes really) that threatens to kill all the researchers. There’s a few nice digs at modern internet culture including a poke at Reddit, and a great reference to the Lone Gunmen TV show that only fans will pick up on. The story concludes twice as we see into the two parallel worlds that have been hinted at throughout and Frohike suggests that there may be infinitely more. Does everyone live happily ever after? Well that depends…

Lisa Tate — Attack On Titan #1 by Hajime Isayama (Kondansha Comics)

Attack on Titan #1  Image Kondansha Comics
Attack on Titan #1 Image Kondansha Comics

The manga title Attack On Titan #1, by Hajime Isayama (Kondansha Comics) literally fell into my lap recently, when it tumbled from a Loot Crate box. I’m always reluctant to read manga, but do love David-and-Goliath style battles ala Pacific Rim or King Kong.

Set 2,000 years in the future, grinning, sinewy naked (yet asexual), giants have attacked — and eaten — most of mankind. Those who survived are barricaded in a three-walled city (think Minas Tirith meets the prison compound in Walking Dead). It has been more than 100 years since the giants have attacked and many residents have become dangerously complacent. The protagonists, young Eren and Mikasa, are not among them. Their fears are soon realized when the biggest titan yet makes its way through their outer wall, forcing the remainder of the human race to rethink their sense of security and better take on the titans.

The action is intense, not to mention a just a bit gruesome and disturbing at times, the characters are multi-faceted, strong and stubborn, and the giants are just impressively horrifying. What I did appreciate most was the occasional “historic” and technical information about the story, from how their gear and weaponry to the layout of the city. Some readers might find this an unnecessary detour from the story, but I appreciated having some of my questions answered along the way.

This is as good a time as any to get started on this series. Although the original Japanese-language version dates back to 2010, the first volume of this ongoing series was released in English in June of 2012. The popularity of this carnage-and-bravery-heavy tale was an instant hit, spawning an anime series in 2013, the first volume of which will be made available on Blu-ray/DVD in June this year. A live-action feature is in the rumor stages for a 2015 release.

There are several other volumes in this title, so let me offer this spoiler — Issue 1 will not end on an up-note. Far, far from it. It does however, leave the reader with wanting to venture on, even into the unsure and shaky fate of mankind. Whatever Attack On Titan’s future holds for humanity, it will be an exciting one.

Cover by David Lopez © Marvel Comics

Kelly Knox – Captain Marvel #1 by Kelly Sue DeConnick and David Lopez (Marvel Comics)

After chatting with Kelly Sue DeConnick last year about the relaunch of the All-Marvel Now Captain Marvel to take her “higher, further, faster, more,” it feels like we’ve been waiting forever for the first issue. Captain Marvel #1 was released last week and delivers on taking Carol Danvers cosmic while still keeping the character and tone the Carol Corps has come to love.

As promised, in the first arc Captain Marvel heads for the stars, but Captain Marvel #1 shows that it wasn’t an easy decision for her to go there. Carol’s leaving behind not only her biggest fan, Kit, but a surprise romance that I wish we’d been able to see a little more of.

The first volume of Captain Marvel was rooted heavily in the past, with retro newspaper headlines, a World War II time travel story, and references to the Mercury 13—so can Carol kick butt on alien planets with a mysterious spaceship crew, find her own place with the futuristic Guardians of the Galaxy, and still be the Captain Marvel we love? Signs in the first issue point to yes.


Sandman Overture #2 by Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams III

The delayed second issue of the new Sandman series. Gaiman is writing. Williams III is the artist. That’s all you need to know. Go. Buy. Read. Enjoy.

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Captain America Homecoming #1
Daredevil End Of Days TP GM
Deadpool #26
Fantomex MAX TP
George Romero’s Empire Of The Dead Act One #3 (Of 5)
Guardians Of The Galaxy #13 GM
Hawkeye #18 GM
Indestructible Hulk #20
Iron Patriot #1 New Series
Marvel Knights X-Men #5 (Of 5)
Marvel Masterworks Rawhide Kid Vol. 1 TP
Marvel Previews #128 (April 2014 For Products On-Sale June 2014)
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Uncanny Avengers #18.NOW
Uncanny Avengers Vol. 3 Ragnarok Now HC (Premiere Edition)
Uncanny X-Force Vol. 3 The Great Corruption TP
Winter Soldier The Bitter March #1 (Of 5)
Wolverine By Jason Aaron The Complete Collection Vol. 2 TP
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Batman The Silver Age Newspaper Comics Vol. 1 1966-1967 HC
Calico Horses And The Patchwork Trail TP
Complete Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy Vol. 16 HC
Device Vol. 3 Traveling Device TP
G.I. JOE A Real American Hero #200
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