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Since being added to Castle in season four, Penny Johnson Jerald’s Captain Victoria Gates has mainly been seen as an antagonist and a stern boss. But for the first time, the show will spotlight Gates on Monday night’s episode, in a story involving her relationship with her sister.

From the ABC website: “In Castle episode 619 “The Greater Good,” an investigation into the murder of a Wall Street trader takes a shocking turn when Castle and Beckett discover Gates’ estranged sister is involved.” In an interview earlier this week, Jerald, who also played Sherry Palmer in 24, and Kasidy Yates on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, said she was pleased with the chance flesh out the character. She also spoke about joining the show in season four, her past work on 24, and how she’s glad that Gates has a sister.

GeekMom: Did what the writers came up with this week match what you expected of Captain Gates?

Penny Johnson Jerald: It was definitely character-appropriate. I’m happy to have a sister and I’m happy that I’m the older sister. That seems right for Gates. And I loved learning things about Gates, her hierarchy in the family, and how and why I [Gates] “take” my family to my job.

GM: What was the most fun in your episode?

P. J.J. Behind the scenes was the most fun. We did have some long hours in this episode. We had a female director and boy, was that exciting. Sally [guest-star Salli Richardson-Whitfield, who plays Gates’ younger sister] and I got to crack up and pal around and talk about being a mom, and the business, and all of that fed into what we were about to shot. And that fed into that being the scene and dynamic for you to watch on Monday.

As for an on camera moment: The two sisters are finally alone and what happens behinds closed doors is revealing. That’s all I can say.

GM: How did it feel to jump into an existing ensemble when you started in season 4?

P.J.J. I was very accepted by everyone and that was great for me, Penny. In terms of the way Gates was written, it was perfect, they were used to a certain chemistry to the previous captain and so Gates was a stranger as a character and Penny was a stranger as a new member of the family. It came together very well.

GM: How do you feel about how Gates has evolved?

P.J.J. She’s become more of a person instead of a one-dimensional way of seeing her. Instead of seeing her as just one type, now there are different ways to look at her. She’s evolved into a total human being.

 GM: Are there any past shows or characters that you miss playing?

P.J.J. I have loved all my characters. I don’t bury those characters, I see them every day. While I was playing each character, I was playing each character at that time and I’m loving playing Gates in the later part of my career.

If I had to choose what was most dynamic and bringing the life changing things, it was Sherry Palmer. Her character, as evil as she could be, allowed a certain foundation to be built that we could perhaps have someone of color in the White House. It was wonderful to be a part of that.

“The Greater Good” episode of Castle will air on the ABC network on Monday night, March 24, at 10 P.M. Check out the video below for a sneak preview.

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