Who Are the Guardians of the Galaxy?

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Guardians of the Galaxy © Marvel Comics

By now, you’ve probably seen the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. If not, get to it! I’ll wait.

So now that you know what movie you’ll be dragging the kids to this August, you’re probably wondering who these guys in the next big movie from Marvel are. The Guardians of the Galaxy have been around since 1969, when the first version of the team (with a different roster than the current one) appeared in Marvel Comics.

The team featured in the upcoming film is comprised of galactic heroes Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon. Your first thought is most likely, “Who?”

Don’t worry. Marvel has you covered with these quick features showing off just who these guys are. Here’s our first look at Bradley Cooper voicing Rocket:

Personally, I’m intrigued to see what Vin Diesel does as the voice of Groot, a character who only utters, “I am Groot!” While the short video highlighting Groot doesn’t include his trademark line, it is a treat to see how genuinely excited Vin Diesel seems to be for the role.

You can also find out a little bit more about Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), Gamora (Zoe Saldana), and Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista). Still want to know more so you can be a Guardians expert before setting foot in the movie theater? Lisa Tate recommends reading the first Guardians of the Galaxy collection from Brian Michael Bendis.

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