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Image: Her Universe
Image: Her Universe

Daleks are so fashionable. The nice A-line style of their “bodies” can be very flattering on any woman. Now, Her Universe is making that sure we can all strut our Dalek look in style.

Available in gold and black, the company’s knit Dalek A-line Dress is perfect for any geeky gal’s wardrobe. There is also a more fitted variety in blue or red. The A-line style even comes in Darth Vader, Boba Fett, X-Wing, and TARDIS varieties.

Generally, knit dresses aren’t that flattering on me—and haven’t been since high school. But this dress was a pleasant surprise. The wide, elastic waist is high, but not quite as high as an Empire waist, which avoids the I-look-pregnant-but-I’m-not-pregnant look. It has a tank-top-style top and a very flowy, twirly skirt. Its cotton-Spandex material is extremely comfortable and resilient, and works equally well with or without a form-fitting shirt underneath. Paired with black leggings, you can even wear it in cooler weather or when you want to cover up more.

Since the fabric is fairly thin, I wasn’t sure how well it would wash up, but I needn’t have worried. I washed it inside-out in cold water and hung it up to dry. It looked as good as before, with ever-so-slightly more wrinkles (not that there were many!).

If you order any of these Her Universe dresses, pay special attention to the sizing charts. I found that while I might ordinarily order in a size Large, I had to order a XXL in this dress. I might have gotten away with an XL, but their sizing isn’t consistent with the norm for busty gals.

The Dalek A-line Dress retails for $45 and is perfect to wear to your next con, costume party, or even around town. One woman who saw me complimented me on my polka dots. If she only knew.


GeekMom received this item for review purposes.

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