On Knitting Your Nerdery, Over at Nerds of Color

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LaShawn NoC
Website image courtesy of The Nerds of Color.

My friend LaShawn Wanak just posted about her new Totoro hat over at The Nerds of Color, along with a wonderful muse about knitting, anime, meeting cosplayer Briana Lawrence, and seeing herself as part of geek culture.

“When I took that picture of myself, I wasn’t thinking about stereotypes. I just wanted to take a picture of myself that showcased my two loves of anime and knitting. But in doing so, I’m joining the ranks of people of color who take pride showing off their geeky side. In doing so, we are saying, this is who we are. We are gorgeous. We are lovely. We are awesome.”

It’s an amazing post. Go see for yourself!

The Totoro pattern was also featured in GeekMom’s Ten Geeky Knitting Projects & Lightsaber Needles, back in August.

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