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Welcome to How To Be A Super ____ Mom! From crafts and recipes to fun toys and adventures, here are ways to take your child’s fandom and make it even more fun!

The biggest hit at the movies right now is Disney’s Frozen! I’m not just talking box office numbers here. The fandom obsession has taken off with fans creating cosplay, food, and crafts all devoted to the film’s characters! We at GeekMom called it by showing the very first homemade Anna cosplay back in August at D23, before the film’s release!

With people seeing the movie multiple times in the theater, fan creativity has been amazing and continues to grow everyday. Get inspired to “Let It Go” and showcase your own Frozen fandom!

disney frozen costumes etsy
Image by: Lady Herndon.

1. Frozen Costumes by Lady Herndon on etsy.
While many fans love to create their own variations of cosplay, not everyone has the sewing skills to pull it off. That’s where talented fans like Lady Herndon come in. The Lady Herndon Etsy shop is filled with beautifully created kids’ cosplay items with a definite geeky spin. The attention to detail is stunning, from seemingly screen replica material to perfectly placed trim.

Her Anna dress is perfection and a lot of that has to do with the adorable model, too! Check out Lady Herndon’s Etsy shop for even more geeky kids cosplay. I mean, how can you resist a Princess Bride Dread Pirate Roberts costume for a 6-year-old?!

disney frozen gloves
Image by: JInxNSparkyCrafts.

2. Frozen Anna and Elsa-Inspired Fingerless Gloves by JinxNSparkyCrafts on etsy.
Don’t want to fully commit to an entire cosplay outfit? No problem! One of the best ways to show fandom is through everyday cosplay! Little accessories here and there will be special just to you, but can also be noticed by eagle-eyed fans as well.

JinxNSparkyCrafts’ etsy shop makes these adorable Frozen-inspired fingerless gloves. There’s no doubt that they are an ode to Anna and Elsa and a great way to keep warm and stay functional!

elsa braid
Image by: @amy_geek.

3. Frozen-inspired Elsa braid.
Frozen fans aren’t just obsessed with the costuming, but also with the hairstyles of the two leading ladies. Hair is a major part of cosplay and getting it just right can equal costume perfection!

Hairstyles are another way to incorporate everyday cosplay into your life. Amy Ratcliffe tried her hand at creating the perfect Elsa braid with much success! She used a YouTube hair video from Rotoscopers to help her visualize how to get it just right. Following a tutorial and a little patience can really pay off!

frozen mickey ears
Image by: LunaLaLonde.

4. Frozen Mickey Ears.
What I love about fandom is the creativity that a movie or show can inspire. LunaLaLonde’s tumblr shows her love of Disney and Frozen—and she took it to the next level by creating these fun Frozen Mickey Ears! It’s the perfect mash-up!

Follow along on her tumblr and you can see her sketches, crafts, and even her etsy shop.

disney frozen snowflakes

disney frozen maze
Images and files provided by Disney.

5. Disney’s free Frozen printables.
Disney does a great job at providing materials to grow fan interest. Free Frozen printables like coloring pages and mazes are great activities to keep little ones busy and entertained!

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