ExtraGeektacular Activities: Power Rangers 20th Anniversary Art Show

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Power Rangers 20th Anniversary art show at Toy Art Gallery
All photos by: justjenn.

ExtraGeektacular Activities are geeky field trips that encourage your child’s creativity and are a fun time for the whole family!

Pop-up shops are all the rage, retail stores are putting up mobile kiosks, and chefs are opening limited-time restaurants. Now, geek culture is getting in on the action. Pop-ups create quick interest, but their effects can give a brand longevity. Not that some brands need help remaining current, because this year, Power Rangers celebrates its 20th anniversary! To honor the occasion, Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles held a two-day pop-up event, Saban’s Power Rangers Celebrates 20 Rangers for 20 Years, with proceeds  benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles.

The event showcased artists from around the world, with each taking a base 31-inch giant Red Ranger figure and creating their own twist. My kids got a kick out of seeing how each artist applied different textures and colors to make the Ranger their own.

Power Rangers 20th Anniversary art show at Toy Art Gallery
Artists: Fullmetto Casting, Josh Mayhem, Olek, Kano, Jryu.

The kids’ favorite work was the “Steam Powered Ranger” by Josh Mayhem. Making a collage of materials and then painting it to create one complete figure is a great lesson for kids, something which can be done in similar art projects of their own. Looking closely, they noticed that the figure was made up with pieces of one of their favorite toys, Lego Hero Factory!

As a Star Wars fan, I was obviously drawn to Kano’s “Mighty Morphin Power Vader.” At first look, it seems as simple as a Darth Vader head on a Red Ranger, but at closer look, there’s a lot more detail: the Ranger torso, Vader’s force-choke hand, and custom shoes. The gold collar is actually the Ranger’s mask! Little subtleties like that are what gives each figure character.

Power Rangers 20th Anniversary art show at Toy Art Gallery
Artists: Mathew Curran (left), various (right).

Power Rangers‘ popularity has remained constant. There were a lot of families at the gallery, with parents reminiscing as they viewed the artwork along with their kids. The kids pointed excitedly at their favorite toys in the displays of Power Rangers toys throughout the years. It was fun to see how materials and design has changed over 20 years.

Even though the Power Rangers pop-up was only for a weekend, the Toy Art Gallery is always a great place to check out new artists and pick up items like Munnys or DIY Labbits, which give you the freedom to be creative. The event really got the kids motivated to think of different ways to create art that is uniquely their own. Of course, my choice of artistic expression is always through sweets. I’m imagining a 31-inch tall Red Ranger cookie right now…

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(877) 910-TOYS (8697)
Wednesday through Saturday 12:00 to 8:00 p.m. (PT)
Sunday 12:00 to 6:00 p.m.

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  1. Last year I discovered that one of the ladies I work with has a sister who was the Pink Rangers on Lightspeed Rescue. My sons were so into the Power Rangers and we watched Lightspeed Rescue when it was on. I have been geeking out on her ever since and learning all sorts of fun Power Ranger tidbits!

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