eBay Simple Flow Makes Upgrading to Next-Gen Consoles a Cinch

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The next-gen consoles are out, which means video game stores are accepting trade-ins on old systems. It’s tempting to go in on these deals, because a quick trade at the GameStop means less cash up front for your new Xbox One or Playstation 4. But resist the temptation! You can get a lot more for your console if you sell it online.

Our son really wants an Xbox One, so we’re looking to make some extra cash by offloading our Xbox 360. In the past, selling electronics on sites like eBay was pretty darn easy. Just snap some photos, grab some specs about your device from the web, and type up a description. But it’s even easier now, with the eBay Simple Flow interface. You just pick what device you’re selling and everything is pre-filled for you, including a stock photograph of your console.

It’s super easy, at this point, to just go through and add custom photographs and descriptions to your eBay listing. With all of the heavy lifting done for you, it’s just window dressing. I’d suggest taking a better lit photo of the device you’re selling than my husband did (see the video above), but honestly, you’ll probably sell your console regardless.

Some other tips for good listings?

  • Lighting is important for the photos, but a clean device and clean environment does a lot to show potential buyers that you take care of your belongings. Take five minutes to wipe the smudges from the screen and tidy up your set.
  • Identify the value of the device in the title or description. How much does it cost new? How much did you pay for it? The inherent savings can be very attractive for buyers.
  • Check current and completed listings to make sure that your Buy It Now price is competitive. And always consider starting your bid at $0.99. If the market is willing, the price will increase to where it should be.
  • Pack your item for shipping before you list it so you can list the package dimensions and weight in the listing. This way, you can advertise the absolute lowest shipping price. Or consider adding a bit to the Buy It Now and listing Free Shipping. Some people prefer this.
  • Don’t forget to ship early! As soon as the auction is over, get that package to the post office post-haste! Good feedback is invaluable, especially when you decide you’re ready to upgrade your other devices with the eBay Simple Flow interface.

Check out the video above where my husband goes through the process of listing our Xbox 360 in–no joke–five minutes, tops. And compared to the $50 or so we’d get trading it in at GameStop, eBay thinks we’ll fetch around $130. Not a bad down payment toward that new console, is it?

So if you’re hoping to snag a new console this holiday season, go sell your old devices now to get the best price using eBay’s Simple Flow.

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