Bubble Guppies Meets Lord of the Rings Tonight on Nick

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If you have a preschooler, chances are you can sing the Bubble Guppies theme song. In your sleep. With catchy music, jokes that give little ones the giggles, and a colorful underwater world, it’s easy to see why Bubble Guppies is a hit with the preschool crowd.

Tonight you’ll get the unique opportunity to combine your preschooler’s love of the Guppies with your own fandom. In a primetime special airing tonight on Nick, you can start your little ones on their path to Middle Earth with the Lord of the Rings homage “The Puppy and the Ring.”

The hour-long episode takes Molly and Gill to the kingdom of Bubbledom, where the Night Wizard — voiced by Jeffrey Tambor of Arrested Development — has taken the Ring of the Sun, threatening to enshroud the magical land in darkness forever. Together with Bubble Puppy, Molly and Gill embark on a quest to find the ring and return the balance to day and night.

If it takes a Bubble Guppies special to spark my preschool-age daughter’s interest in The Lord of the Rings even just a little bit, I’m all in!

Bubble Guppies airs tonight at 7:00 PM ET. You can also get ready for the premiere with The Puppy and the Ring maze pack and puzzles from NickJr.com.

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