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It’s no secret: geeks tend to go for gadgets. So, for the gadget-geek on your list, why not consider one of these gadgets or gadget accessories?

GoPro HERO3 Image
GoPro HERO3. Image:

GoPro Hero 3 HD In the market for a high quality family video camera that is shock proof, waterproof and has very user friendly software that allows you to actually edit your movies quickly and easily? Check out the post for the new GoPro Hero 3 camera. These cameras are truly not just for the super athletes anymore. Their features work well for family/kid situations too, including many fun ways to mount the camera, an option you don’t get with most video cameras. The price isn’t too far off from what a great quality camera would cost — one without all these extra features. $329.99

Windows 8: Image: Microsoft
Windows 8. Image: Microsoft

Windows 8 Not quite a gadget, Windows 8 is the most recent version of the Windows operating system. Though avoided by some people for a variety of reasons, Windows 8 is a really useful and interesting operating system, trying to straddle the advantages of Windows 7 and tablet OSes. Windows 8.1 even brings back the Start button for those missed it with 8.0. Price varies

IoSafe Image
IoSafe. Image:

ioSafe external hard drives If you need to make sure your data is safe, not just safe from disk failure but also from potential house fires or floods, then ioSafe is the external hard drive company for you. They have hard drives you can bolt to the floor, rugged portable drives, and even NAS systems so you can have your own personal cloud. If you’re looking for any external storage whatsoever, ioSafe is a solid choice. Price varies

Epson WorkForce Image
Epson WorkForce. Image:

Epson WF-3540 printer This Epson ink jet all-in-one printer does pretty much everything. It prints two-sided, scans, faxes, copies, goes to sleep when you’re not using it, and has fantastic quality output. Also, it is AirPrint compatible, so you can print directly from your iPhone or iPad. $139.99

iDeaPLAY image used with permission
iDeaPLAY. Image: used with permission

iDeaPLAY Are you looking for a tablet for your toddler or preschooler that can keep up with your needs too? Try the iDeaPLAY tablet. Great for kids, adults, grandparents, or anyone. If you are on the fence, read our full review. $129

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Image
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. Image:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 The most streamlined of Samsung’s popular line of Android OS tablets, the Note 8.0 is a direct competitor to the Kindle Fire and iPad Mini. If you appreciate the power of Android with the clever features only Samsung can bring, you’ll want to take advantage of the price and size of the Note 8.0. And we can’t forget Samsung’s unique S-Pen which makes for easy writing on the screen. $399.99

Tree of Life Embossed Brown Leather Smart Phone Wallet Image
Tree of Life Embossed Brown Leather Smart Phone  Wallet. Image:

Tree of Life Smart Phone Wallet Individually bench-crafted from quality leather and deeply embossed with the Tree of Life design, consider this for your favorite smart phone junkie. The interior pocket holds your smartphone, plus three credit card slots (each of which fits two cards), and an additional pocket for cash. Completely tanned and hand-tooled in the USA by Modern Artisans. Measures 6.5″ x 3.6″ when closed. $37.99

Griffin JL Survivor Batman Cell Phone Case for iPhone 55S Image
Griffin JL Survivor Batman Cell Phone Case for iPhone 55S.  Image:

Griffin Survivor Justice League iPhone Cases Protect your iPhone with the best, and by the best I mean Griffin Survivor’s Justice League cases. I’ve used Griggin Survivor cases on my past two iPhones and they are a great deal for the protection they offer. Currently available for the iPhone 5 and 5s in Batman and Superman. $39.99

GripCase for iPad and iPad Mini Image
GripCase for iPad and iPad Mini. Image:

GripCase for iPad and iPad Mini Brian Norfolk, the creator of the Gripcase, came up with this design as he was constantly worrying about his two-year-old son using the iPad he received one Christmas. If your young children routinely use your iPad—or your young children have iPads of their own—this case is a reasonably-priced, lightweight investment in longer life for your device. I recommend it. The Gripcase is available for 2nd through 4th Generation iPads as well as the iPad Mini. Each size comes in five bright colors. GripCase for iPad Mini: $34.99; iPad Gen 2, 3, 4: $39.99

KaZoo MyPhones. Image
KaZoo MyPhones. Image:

KaZoo MyPhones Headphones by Griffin The bright colors and adorable animal themes make MyPhones fun for kids. The volume-limiting sound and reasonable price will make it fun for the parents to buy for the kids. The over-the-ear design, along with the 85-decibel output limit makes it safer for young ears. The cushioned earpieces are well-adhered to the headphones, unlike other headphones we’ve reviewed where the soft earpieces can fall off and are difficult for the kids to re-attach. I recommend the Griffin KaZoo MyPhones for any family with young children who need to play with their devices quietly and parents who are concerned about safe headphone listening practices. They are available in frog and penguin shapes. $19.99

The Techy Screenster Plush Microfiber Cleaning Character. Image
The Techy Screenster Plush Microfiber Cleaning Character. Image:

Screensters by Toddy Gear Screensters are miniature doll screen cleaners and make the perfect stocking stuffer! Portable in size (5″ tall) and easy to hang off of backpacks and doorknobs, the Screenster is ideal for kids. It’s slim, simple design, numerous caricatures to choose from, and convenient top loop for hanging it on a bag makes this a fun accessory for kids’ tablets: iPads, Kindles, Kobos, Nooks, or Galaxy among others. $9.99

Joos Solar Orange Portable Solar Charger. Image
Joos Solar Orange Portable Solar Charger. Image:

Joos Orange Solar Charger The JOOS Orange is the most rugged, fastest, and most versatile solar charger I’ve ever seen. If you are looking for items for your emergency preparedness kit, I highly recommend this. This is also a perfect gift for your favorite fan of the great outdoors. The charger comes with reflective mirrors that can give it a “boost” for faster charging on the sunniest days. $149

Digital Treasures Props Power & Keyboard Case for iPad. Image
Digital Treasures Props Power & Keyboard Case for iPad. Image:

Digital Treasures Props iPad Case and Bluetooth Keyboard The Props case has both a Bluetooth keyboard as well as a high capacity 8000mAh battery that powers the keyboard and can also power the iPad. Once you discern the differences in the keyboard from the iPad, this is an easy-to-use product that’s perfect for your favorite heavy-duty iPad user. $109.99

Anemometer. Image
Anemometer. Image:

Vaavud Anemometer for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy This is a small spinning wind meter that conveniently plugs into your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Download the free app that connects to the anemometer to report real-time and average wind speeds. Great for those who rely on winds for their hobbies, such as windsurfers, skydivers, and RC aviators. $49.99

ibattz Refuel. Imge
ibattz Refuel. Image:

ibattz Mojo Refuel Armor  The ibattz Mojo is a tough case with a removable battery to keep you charged on the go. Tested by GeekMom Dakster, the case successully charged her phone 1.5 times before having to recharge the ibattz battery. Replacement batteries are easy and pretty inexpensive to come by, so if you drain your phone more than once a day, pick up an extra battery on amazon and keep it handy. Compatible with the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, and 5S. $120

Scosche IPDBAT2. Image
Scosche IPDBAT2. Image:

Scosche: goBAT II This small portable battery is light on the wallet and the bag. With two USB ports (one 5v 1Amp and one 5v 2.1Amp), this is a great little portable battery. GeekMom Dakster has personally tested it out on her Kindle, iPad, and iPhone devices and loved how quick the Scosche charged her gear compared to plugging it into a regular outlet. $59.99

myCharge Hub 6000. Image
myCharge Hub 6000. Image:

MyCharge Hub 6000 Portable Battery The MyCharge Hub 6000 portable battery can charge up to three devices at once, including tablets and ereaders with three built in connectors. It has a fold-out prongs that let you plug it right into an outlet for recharging and an LED readout to let you know just how much juice it has left before it needs a recharge. $99

Ballistic Case for iPhone 5. Image
Ballistic Case for iPhone 5. Image:

Ballistic Hydra iPhone Case Ballistic Hydra iPhone Case is great for anyone with a knack for getting their iPhone in water. Compared to its competitor, LifeProof, the Ballistic Hydra iPhone Case comes with a clip ($30 extra with LifeProof) and is submergable to 7.7ft for maximum of 30 minutes (LifeProof is only rated to up to 6ft). For the price, you can’t beat the protection. $79.99

Harry_Potter_MacBook_Decal - Photo courtesy of MacStickrs (with permission)
Harry Potter MacBook Decal. Image: MacStickrs (with permission)

Harry Potter MacBook Decal Finally those of us obsessed with Macs and Harry Potter can show off our fandoms. This decal from MacStickrs is a perfect stocking stuffer.

earHero. Image
earHero. Image:

earHero Headphones The first open-ear headphones, these are great for anyone who wants to hear the world around them and their music. In our opinion, they are perfect for joggers and bicyclists who want to enjoy their music without fear of not hearing someone or something creeping up on them. Since they are practically invisible, they’re also great for anyone who wants to listen to their music at work or school without getting caught off-guard by the boss (or teacher). $149.99

Mythro earbuds by Moshi Audio. Image: Amazon
Mythro earbuds by Moshi Audio. Image:

Moshi Mytho Earbuds These are the only earbuds I have ever had that fit in my small ears. Previously reviewed on GeekMom, these little earbuds with an equally geeky name would make a great stocking-stuffer. $30

KidzSafe headphones and earbuds. Image
KidzSafe headphones and earbuds. Image:

KidzSafe headphones and earbuds Give kids their own headphones that keep the volume at a safe level. These headphones and earbuds won’t allow kids to listen to their audio at anything higher than 85 decibels, so you know they aren’t damaging their hearing. Plus they come in fun, customizeable colors, and come with a useful carrying bag. They also fit adult-sized heads, so consider more than just the kids on your shopping list when you look at this product. $19.95 to $29.95

Logitech UE MINI BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Image
Logitech UE Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Image:

Logitech UE Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker These amazingly small, crystal clear speakers are a slight upgrade from the excellent UE Mobile Boombox Bluetooth Speaker. With the MINI BOOM, two speakers can be linked to provide real stereo sound. These are so handy for travel, out in the backyard, or even in a nursery. And they come in three colors. $99.99

JBL Charge Bluetooth Speaker. Image
JBL Charge Bluetooth Speaker. Image:

JBL Charge Bluetooth Speaker Are you looking for a mid-quality, affordable Bluetooth speaker for the office, the beach, the park, or an impromptu party? Then the JBL Charge will be perfect. The size of a soda can, the Charge has a 50′ Bluetooth range (on level ground) and as a bonus, has a 6000mAh Li-ion battery for high-speed device charging. It’s small size makes this a great stocking stuffer! $149.95

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