Gotta Share ‘Em All: The Fun of eBay Collections, Comic Book Style

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A snapshot of some of our eBay Collection!
A snapshot of some of our eBay Collection! Image: eBay

My eBay Collections were curated as part of a sponsored collaboration with eBay.

Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl
Girl Hero Purse Adjustable Strap Bag, part of the Accessorize With Wonder Woman collection. Image: eBay

You might have noticed eBay’s Collections feature popping up recently. Here at GeekMom, we were able to start our collections a little early, and we’re really excited to share some of our favorites with you. It’s a great way to organize your all the things you love on eBay and share it with your friends and family. Best yet, all our picks have a geeky slant. Y’know, with our readers in mind, too.

Wonder Woman was a natural first choice, as I’ve already cosplayed as Wonder Woman, and I have a Wonder Woman hoodie that draws compliments everywhere I go. This collection includes purses, earrings, that Wonder Woman hoodie, other jewelry, your very own tiara, bracelet and lasso set, a Wonder Woman throw, and even a poster. Basically, if I’d been let free with my purse, my house would look a little bit like an ode to Wonder Woman.

I took a different strategy with All Things Batman. Because with Batman, there’s so very much. First, I made sure to include a few Batman shirts, including the one in this post, and my favorite Batman story, Batman: Year One. I also wanted to recognize the other members of the Bat-Family: Batgirl, Robin, and Nightwing. You’ll find Nightwing and Robin t-shirts along with a classic Batman hoodie, as well as something for the toddler-size Robin, and even a necklace.

Always Be Batman t-shirt from
The Always Be Batman t-shirt from the All Things Batman collection. Image: eBay

But if Wonder Woman and Batman aren’t among your favorites, there’s also the Wear Your Favorite Superhero Collection, where I picked out shirts featuring other heroes. Of course, Superman and Supergirl are included, and a few joint Girl Power-style shirts, but also some Justice League with logos about dating superheroes, and even Dream from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series.

You get the idea. You can check out all our collections here, and stay tuned for some thoughts from Jenny.

My eBay Collections were curated as part of a sponsored collaboration with eBay.

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